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The Singapore Blog| The Travel Ask is written by travel enthusiastic that knows how to cover maximum attractions in limited days. There are many countries across the globe. However, Singapore is one of the most diverse and vibrant countries in the world. The country lies in the southern tip of Malaysia. Singapore is the energetic state that brags a wonderful mixture of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Arabs, and Britain tradition and culture. Singapore is also known as “Lion City”. It has the most high-class accommodations and most energetic nightlife. 4 nights and 5 days are enough to explore this tiny country. Singapore has a powerful economy and world’s most powerful passport. Yet, the country welcomes tourists from all over the world with its easy visa policy.

It is one of the clean and beautiful countries on the planet earth. Singapore has also ranked the most expensive country in the world. There are several activities in Singapore which include the most visited Universal Studios. The country has a famous Zoo, Bird Park, and a Night safari. The blog emphasizes on how to spend 4 nights and 5 days in Singapore. Let’s Explore Singapore Blog by The Travel Ask.

Changi International Airport (The Singapore Blog- The Travel Ask)

Being a small country Singapore has only one and the most beautiful Airport in the world. For consecutive three years, Changi Aiport is ranked among the best airports in the world. There is no airport like Changi. The airport itself is a tourist attraction.

The airport has the most contemporary architecture and outstanding facilities. Travelers get in love with Singapore just at the arrival of the airport.

The Changi Airport has a movie theater; it becomes easy to get transit flights. Spending time at the airport was never so fun. We saw a butterfly garden and a wonderful indoor fountain.

Changi Airport has a variety of restaurants and cafes. After all the entertainment while waiting for the boarding passengers can relax on the messaging chair free of cost.

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore

The arrival in Singapore was the best part. The vacation starts with the wonderful Rasa Sentosa Shangrila resort. Siloso Beach at Sentosa Island have this wonderful and magical resort. The idea was to spend a night in a luxury resort and enjoy the Island while living in the world’s most expensive resort.

Guests do not have to go anywhere else for enjoyment. Everything is in the resort a wonderful pool, play area for children, children swimming pool with the slide, and most importantly private beach within the resort area.

The resort also has a shuttle service to and back from the Shopping mall. The Rasa Shangri-La Resort has two major rooms category one is the sea-facing and the other is forest facing. The prices are different as the sea-facing resort charge you more. The rooms of the resort are between $600 to $700 per night.

Breakfast Buffet @ Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore

In the price given above the resort provides a complimentary buffet breakfast that is out of this world. The buffet has a wide variety of dishes along with vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections. Our night in the resort was a wonderful experience however; the resort was value for money as they have everything one can expect in a 5star luxury category.

The Orchard Road (The Singapore Blog- The Travel Ask)

Orchard Road in Singapore is the most famous area. This road is almost similar to Fifth Avenue in New York. The area has luxury accommodations and upscale shopping malls with high-end brands. Orchard road is vibrant the design strip additionally has a couple of verdant parks, a presidential royal residence, walkway bistros, and a beguiling enclave loaded up with a portion of Singapore’s best instances of Chinese Baroque-style shop-and porch houses. However, it is also most expensive area in Singapore.

There are varieties of restaurants on the road. There are many places to visit on Orchard Road some of them are 313@Somerset, ION Orchard, Ngee Ann City, and The Centre point.

Marina Bay Sands (The Singapore Blog- The Travel Ask)

The Marina Bay Sands is an iconic building with the infinity pool and has become the identity of Singapore. Marina Bay Sands has more than 2500 rooms and luxury suites, 6 exhibition halls, 250 gathering rooms, and the biggest ballroom in Southeast Asia.

Garden By the Bay

Garden by the bay is just adjacent to the iconic landmark. At night tourists around Singapore gather up to witness the amazing lighting show. It is one of the most wonderful man-made garden that amazes tourists with its magic.

This is a genuinely dazzling garden that must not be missed when visiting Singapore. The cloud forest is artificial vegetation in tropical temperatures. Including a 35-meter tall mountain secured with vegetation, it has the most wonderful waterfall that is designed indoor. Visitors can take a lift up to the peak; explore the unique biodiversity and the topography. In the Flower Dome section, visitors can witness a beautiful cool, and controlled temperature dome. Enjoy a genuinely one of a kind sight of a vertical plantation, at the Supertree Groove, estimating between 25-50 meters.

Universal Studios (The Singapore Blog- The Travel Ask)

Exploring Singapore without visiting Universal Studios is not completed. One cannot just ignore the adventure, fun, and excitement that a Universal studio has to offer. The theme park is acclaimed and one of its kinds. A massive amusement park situated on Sentosa Island in Singapore is a tourist’s definitive stop for the sake of entertainment and excitement. However, it is Southeast Asia’s only theme park that has 24 invigorating rides and various shows and attractions in seven different zones. The park features rides for people of every age. The ticket counter is at the entrance of the theme park although experts recommend to buy online which will save time.

Night Safari Singapore

Go through an evening loaded up with diversion and recreation with your family or companions at Night Safari Singapore. Night Safari Singapore is the most amazing attraction in Singapore. Tourists have a real feel of Jungle. So, flash cameras are not allowed in the night safari to prevent disturbing animals. So forget about taking pictures and enjoy every single moment. Hippos, Lion, Elephant and other wild creatures are all open and the tram takes you to the adventurous ride. One must visit this park to witness the wildlife of Africa.

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How Travel will Change after Covid-19

Traveling around the world would never be the same as it used to be because travel will change after covid-19. Although there is an ease in lock-down throughout the world, still the intimidation of coronavirus hasn’t disappeared. The surge in infected people has significantly increased around the world. The economies have already been devastated and mankind has suffered a lot during covid-19. However, the question still rises among people that How travel will change after Covid-19. Tourism and traveling have always been the backbone of economies around the world.

Traveling in Covid-19

Experts around the world do not see tourists and travelers any time soon. However, many countries are planning to start their tourism industry to support their economy. Countries that are solely dependent upon tourism have faced an expedition in unemployment and they can’t wait to resume their tourism. For now, people who are stuck in other countries are traveling to their loved ones or home.

There are special international flights around the world that are accommodating travelers to reach their home countries or countries of temporary residence. However, there are travelers and tourists who are waiting for ease of travel restrictions. According to experts and WHO, covid-19 will remain around the world for upcoming years. The only way to avoid covid-19 is to follow the safety steps given by WHO. If passengers will wear masks properly there would be fewer chances of spreading the virus. Covid-19 has adversely impacted on global tourism.

Thermal Check at Airport

Covid19 Testing and Vaccination as Visa requirement

There is already a number of documents green passport holders have to submit as a visa requirement. Currently, there are many countries that require a polio vaccination certificate as a travel visa requirement. There would be an additional travel requirement of Covid-19 testing. An additional requirement of vaccination cards will also be required once the vaccination of covid-19 will be available around the world.

Covid-19 Testing

Preparing & Packing luggage: How Travel Will Change in Covid19

Face masks, sanitizer, hand gloves, wipes, disinfectant are some of the must things one must carry when traveling in Covid-19. Hygiene and sanitization stuff will become most prioritized while packing for traveling. Even after the pandemic, people will follow the sanitization process while traveling. Due to the environment of an aircraft, passengers are more vulnerable and prone to different viruses. According to research, colds are 113 times more expected to be spread on an aircraft.

Accordingly to the research in 2018, passengers are habitual of leaving their setas—usually to use the toilet or take things from the overhead cabin—during flights. Respiratory viruses like covid-19 are spread in the air in tiny, dry particles known as aerosols. These particles can easily survive in an aircraft.

Airport Experience: How Travel Will Change After Covid19

Most of us are well aware of how much human interaction is required at the airport before you start your journey. Spending time at an airport will never be the same as before. Starting from entering, the security staff will check the body temperature. Before covid-19 our passports and tickets were the most initial things that used to be checked while entering an airport. After checking body temperature the immigration queue will be much more than before because of social distancing. The lobby will have seats but you will not be allowed to sit close to each other. One seat will remain empty after another. Using restrooms at the airport will never be as relaxing as before. According to research, in New York, covid-19 spread through public restrooms. Passengers have to be vigilant while taken any step.

Airport Lobby

Airline rules and regulation changed after Covid-19

After the call for boarding the passengers would not mingle to get into the aircraft. Passengers will wait for their turns to avoid the crowd. You may not see the smiling faces of the crew because of their face covered by the masks and shields. You will also miss the well-groomed personalities wearing uniforms because they will be wearing PPE (personal protection equipment). Nothing will be the same as it was before covid-19. You will have to be cautious before touching anything in the aircraft due to the infection. Passengers should use their own sanitization to avoid contacting with covid-19. Passengers have to wear masks throughout their journey since they left their homes.

Disinfecting plane Picture Courtesy: Emirates Airline

The journey will not be as pleasant as it used to be before covid-19. After boarding the plane, the crew will offer a complimentary hygiene pack which will have masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and other safety stuff that would be required in your journey.

Landing on destination: How Travel Will Change After Covid-19

While landing to the destination after so much trouble, passengers will be checked again for their body temperatures. They will not be allowed to enter free if they have temperatures anywhere near 100oF.

It would become a highly debatable subject in the near future. Since my traveling, I have witnessed that due to tiredness and fatigue of long-haul flight passengers feel a bit rise in body temperature that is usually gone within a day.


Sometimes a single dose of paracetamol works miraculously.
However, in the current scenario if passenger temperature rises anywhere around 100F he/she would be in problem. The passenger will face isolation and he/she has to go for covid-19 testing for clearance. Many countries have the rule to quarantine for 14 days once you land.

Hotel Check-in: How Traveling will change after Covid-19

Covid-19 has mostly affected the tourism industry. Ease in lockdown has allowed many businesses to resume. However, the tourism industry is and will be the last one to bring into consideration.

While guests will check-in the hotel staff will ensure the rooms remain perfectly cleaned and disinfected. The priority of the hotel staff was the hospitality of guests, cozy rooms, classic interior, scrumptious food, pools, and other amenities. However, now the main focus of both hotel management and guest is hygiene and safety standards to avoid contacting covid-19. Most probably hotel management will provide a hygiene and safety pack for its guest.

Conclusion on how traveling will change after Covid-19

Now the question arises whether our travel enthusiasts are ready to go through this rigorous process to reach their destination?
Traveling was more about enjoying, relaxing, and peace from rambunctious and miserable working life. However, it seems like for the sake of tourism it is difficult to go through all this risky process.

Deserted Airport due to Covid-19

For now, the flights are uncertain with lots of cancellations and reschedules. Travelers are postponing their trips due to much trouble. We hope to see when this situation will get normal and tourists will start traveling.
Kindly comment below to tell when you will start traveling or if you have recently traveled what was your experience.

World Meter Covid-19

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The Bag I Lost in Paris

Paris is one of the most visited destinations in the world. It’s famous for its romantic vibes around the city. It was our dream to visit Paris and take romantic photos in front of the Effiel Tower. However, we were quite unaware of safety precautions to take while traveling to this romantic city. The bag I lost in Paris is an interesting piece of writing along with major safety guidelines.

Our Hotel IBIS Porte de Bagnolet

Well, as we all know Paris is an extremely expensive destination. A fair star category property in Downtown, Champs Élysées, or anywhere near Eiffel Tower is the range between $180 to $250. However, there are some areas far away from tourist destination which are reasonable. My tour operator arranged a budget hotel IBIS Bagnolet Paris. It’s a fairly three-star category hotel with breakfast. The rent for a deluxe category room in under $100. Well, it’s important to know the hotel and neighborhood we stayed once you head towards the blog The bag I lost in Paris.

Neighborhood Porte de Bagnolet

Metro Station

Porte de Bagnolet is a far and isolated neighborhood for tourists in Paris. Usually, travelers are unaware of the area and surroundings. There are no tourist attractions nearby. However, the only favorable thing was the metro station and a small mall that had a big grocery area. The neighborhood had a metro station which is easily accessible. We went to Champs Élysées and Eiffel Tower by changing 3 metro lines.

“Beautiful Sunny Morning” when The Bag I Lost in Paris

It was a wonderful bright sunny day in Paris. We woke up early in the morning as we need to join our group for Disney Land. Going to Paris without visiting Disneyland is incomplete. It was indeed an exciting morning to wake up early to join a breakfast session.
The good thing about breakfast was to get complimentary drinking water.
I and my wife did breakfast and went to the lobby to wait for a tourist guy.

The Lobby where I Lost my Bag

The bag we lost in Paris, it all started when we were in the lobby waiting for the bus driver. We were ready to take the bus but suddenly the driver tells everyone that the tire is flat and he required an hour to fix it.
Well, there was nothing much to do in the hotel, and as previously described that there was nothing to do in the nearby area. As it was not a tourist area we were advised to stay inside.

Essential Items in the Bag I lost in Paris

As it was a whole day trip to Disney land my wife set up a small handbag having all essential items for a day trip. It includes
1. Power Bank
2. Mobile phone (with all memories)
3. My wife essential cosmetics lipgloss, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, sunscreen, blush, and eye shadow, sanitizer
4. My child’s phone
5. Souvenir keychain bought from Paris.
6. Wallet
7. SunGlasses
8. Some medicines

All these things were very important and dear to us luckily our cash wallet, passport, and other documents were not in the Bag.

The time when I actually lost bag in Paris

So, it all started when we were waiting for the driver to fix the Bus. In the meantime to save some Euros I tell my wife to stay in the lobby so I can fill some water from the breakfast area. Soon, my wife followed me and said I want an orange juice. She also told me that a group member is taking care of the bag.

When we came back my wife said where is the bag and she knew it that she already lost it. We tried to search the lobby but in vain. Soon we ask the reception which was just opposite the couch we were sitting to check the security camera.

The guy at the desk asks us to wait for 10 minutes. Soon he came and confirm that two strangers were in the lobby. They looked suspicious they stand there and as soon as we left the place they took the bag right in front of the people.

Condolences from Hotel Staff

It’s the whole sole responsibility of the guest to take care of their belonging as the hotel will not be responsible for any mishap or stolen items.

However, they seemed to be worried for us but also helpless. The staff and receptionist further told us that they are helpless and it becomes difficult for them to identified unwanted people. They further told that it has happened.

several times with our guests. At the starting of the blog, I told about hotels and neighborhoods. Hotels and neighborhoods like these are highly vulnerable to these criminal activities. As hotel staff failed to secure things even in the lobby. This is the worst case ever that happened to us while we traveled to any country.

Reporting Procedure and Legal Action

We asked the hotel staff if there anything we can do to find a lost bag in Paris? They said we first need to call the police. The police will come and investigate the matter we will provide them CCTV footage of the thieves. They will further investigate and find the criminals. If you will be lucky enough you will get your things back. However, which was near to impossible. It was our last day in Paris as we had to leave for the airport very next day.

Street Crime in Paris

Paris at Night

Paris is famous for its pickpocket and street crimes. Although, globally its a safe country but stealing bag, pickpocket, mugging, scams are some of the usual crimes.

The most common crime is pickpocketing mostly targeting tourists. The French Capital is famous for scamming tourists. The most common places are trains, metro stations, crowded streets, and popular tourist attractions.

While in restaurants, cafes, and night club it’s crucial to take care of your valuables. Once you get your attention diverted from valuables will be taken away in front of you.

Precautions and safety while traveling

When I lost my bag in Paris, I learned many things.
1. Tourist has to be vigilant even in hotels and their lobbies.
2. We must keep currency in different pockets and places.
3. Never keep ur passports in the bag or carry them unnecessarily.
4. Always keep a strict eye to your bags and valuables while in metros, train, or other tourist destination.
5. Do not keep out your camera everywhere as it attracts pickpockets.

6. Pickpockets are professional and trained so always be vigilant
7. Avoid visiting and roaming around the city late at night.
8. Beware of Night Club Scams
9. Limit your credit cards

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Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Usually, every street of Europe is largely deserted; every country including Denmark and Norway are in lockdown. However, Sweden that is just eight kilometers away is the only European country to refuse the lockdown. Swedish citizens are living a routine life. Restaurants, Bars, Salons, and even primary schools are operational regularly.

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 192,248 people around the world. There are around 2,751,790 active cases as of 24th April 2020. However, with a population of 10 million, Sweden has refused to implement coronavirus lockdown. This article will focus on Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown.

For coronavirus, update click here

Approach: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Sweden has its own approach to deal with the global pandemic. Primary children are still attending schools. But high schools and universities are closed and are completely operational online. The health advisors have given voluntary precautions that every citizen has to follow to save from coronavirus. Elders are advised to isolate themselves. The government has restricted people to avoid gatherings of more than 50 peoples. However, all other usual activities in the country are unchanged. The country wants its peoples to enhance their immunity keeping their life relaxed. So, that people can go to their offices, students can attend schools and people can have their haircuts at the saloon.

Healthcare Agencies of Sweden

Sweden’s approach is whether lockdown or not, the virus is going to spread. The data shows that there are around 14.5% of cases that require hospitalization for 2 to 6 weeks. And 5% of cases require a ventilator. Sweden health care advisors want their citizens to take responsibility on their own. They also said that the death rate is high because it spread in the nursing home. Sweden also claimed that 50% of the household just had a single-person.

One of the principal given an interview with CNN said that “Government has seen other possibilities and school is a very important function in society. Sweden has limited restrictions on the movement of any neighboring countries. The public health agencies of Sweden suggest that quarantine will make more harm than good. They also suggested that new cases will dramatically decline if the public adopts safety measures of social distancing. The government has adopted a wait and see strategy towards coronavirus.  

Neighboring Countries:  Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

The cases of coronavirus in Sweden are much higher than its neighboring countries Denmark and Norway. The health agencies argued that Sweden is not densely populated and thus maintaining social distance is easier than any other country. The population density of the country is 25/km 2.  However, there are more than 2000 fatalities in the country due to Covid19.

Economy: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Sweden has not seen any damage in the economy with no surprise; in contrast, its neighboring countries have two folds, down in personal spending and unemployment. With even such a relaxed strategy the country may see economical problems in coming future because voluntarily some businesses have shut down and people restrict themselves. The finance minister has warned that there would be a 10% shrink in the country’s GDP. Sweden’s GDP in 2018 was 556.1 Billion dollars. He also warned that unemployment will rise to 13.5% which was just 7.6% in 2018.

Global Criticism and accusation on Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

However, the Swedish Government is under high criticism for not doing enough restrictions against the pandemic. The global health advisors are accusing the country of its relaxed approach battling against the virus. There are many controversies in the global world against Sweden. The government officials said they are not seeing any strict regulations for Covid19 in the near future. The Government and people are undivided and fighting against the novel coronavirus. Hospitals in the country have not been inundated. However, hospitals are working on 80% capacity.

Well, the UK also tried to move forward and relax in lockdown like Sweden but in no time they had to take their decision back and enforced lockdown again.

Preparations: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

The country’s preparations, on the other hand, are inevitable. They have already set up a hospital for any future emergency despite lockdown. The government is confident in its policies and looks towards the betterment of society. The health advisors have focused on the elderly population of the country and are ready to take measures against the virus.

Sweden has a completely different approach from other countries. The Government is not forcing its citizens to stay home. They believe that people should voluntarily make social distance and fight with this novel disease. According to the Swedish government Guideline, Regulations, and safety measures are the ways to fight with this pandemic. Lockdown, restrictions, and curfew will just give harm to society and nothing else.

How Coronavirus Affecting Tourism

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Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Blog

Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is famous for its tourism and vibrant city life. However, Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur is the epicenter and tourist hub of the city. Bukit Bintang has several shopping malls, stalls, local vendors, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, roadside food and everything a tourist expects for. The street is also called Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The area is all-time crowded whether it’s a day or night.  Due to tropical weather travelers visit malls, cafes, and restaurants in the day time. However, the night is completely different with lights, loud music, street entertainment, and clubs. This area does not sleep early.

The Area Bukit Bintang is fairly huge however; it is mostly associated with its famous avenue Changkat Bukit Bintang. Most of the entertainment must-go places and hotels are associated with this street. When a tourist thinks of Bukit Bintang that means Changkat Avenue @ Bukit Bintang though, the close by streets have also the same vibes.

Rain at Bukit Bintang

Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur is similar to Istiklal Street in Istanbul

Shopping Malls at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang is a center and hub for entertainment and fashion thus it has numerous options for shopping including the foreign and local brands. Tourists even enjoy local vendors selling accessories and fashion items on the street. One can have budgeted shopping or gifts for family and friends. It becomes easy and enjoyable to find everything in the same area.

Pavillion Mall

The area has one of the most famous upscale malls. The major visited landmark in the pavilion mall that is the house of all famous brands. Including Victoria Secret, Versace, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, and YSL. The mall has a food court and other local manufacturer’s shops.


One cannot escape the most iconic building of Sephora while visiting Bukit Bintang. You should not get curious to see lots of women visiting the iconic building you should know that Sephora. The place has cosmetics and derma brands from all over the world. Sephora provides every cosmetic brand under one roof including its own branded cosmetics.

Lot 10

It is the old-style mall in Bukit Bintang, having a number of local boutiques and manufacturers of garments and other accessories. There are 40 brands in the mall including foreign and local.

Fahrenheit 88

It is also a mall situated in the center of Bukit Bintang. It is known for budgeted shopping. The mall includes vendors of neighboring countries and provides middle range shopping. It is a five-story building and has much more to offer.

Low Yat Plaza

The mall is specialized in technology and electronic items. Sony, Toshiba, Microsoft, Lenovo, and many other brands are available on laptops and other InfoTech. There are many technicians that may help in upgrading software and removing malfunctions.

Sungei Wang

Similar to other local malls, it has fashion clothing from local designers. It also has jeweler and accessories shops. The mall has shops for mobile accessories also. The visitor usually stays there for 45miniuts to 1 hour.

Hotels at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang offers accommodations for everyone. Either a solo traveler or business trip or with leisure family stay the area has accommodations from hostels to five-star category.

Luxury Stay at Bukit Bintang

Hotel Istana, Berjaya Times Square, Swiss Garden Hotel, Park Royal, Pullman Kuala Lumpur, and Grand Millennium are one of the most luxurious accommodation options at Bukit Bintang. In around $100 approximate there are several five-star options to live a luxury stay.

Budgeted Stay at Bukit Bintang

Le Apple Boutique Hotel, My Hotel, Areena Star hotel, Hotel Soleil, V’la Park Hotel, etc. are hotels to get within $30. There are numerous budgeted hotels in the area. As compare to other countries hotels are inexpensive in Malaysia.

Restaurants at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Bukit Bintang is famous for its entertainment, shopping, fashion, and food. Food is an essential part of traveling. There are people who are usually food travelers and love to enjoy cuisines from different parts of the world. In contrast, there are people who want food only from their country. So, Bukit Bintang is perfect for both of the people. There are foreign fast-food chains like Mc Donald, KFC and Pizza Hut. There are famous Chinese food, Arab Street and Local Malay food. Even Paradise and UK Asia and presented for people from the South Asian region.

Famous restaurants at Bukit Bintang include El Cerdo, Shanghai in JW Marriot Hotel, Jalan Alor the famous street for traditional Chinese food. Dining in the Dark is an unusual restaurant that has complete darkness while enjoying a meal.

Other than that there are multiple Arab vendors, and Pakistani Indian vendors selling their food to local and foreign tourists. The tourists can satisfy their hunger even at  2 in the morning.

Night Life Bukit Bintang

It is famous for the bustling nightlife scene along with different karaoke and hookah bars. There is no comparison of Bukit Bintang in partying. The nightlife of Bukit Bintang is crazy and pocket friendly.

 There are many popular spots to enjoy a night however, the most famous Havana Bar, have no comparison with any other. Bukit Bintang offers a wide range of nightlife entertainment whether it is live music, rooftop bar, or a posh nightclub like The Zion Club. Arab Street on Bukit Bintang is famous for hookah bars in late hours with fresh drinks and fun. Envy Nightlife KL and Main Room Changkat are also one of the most happing night clubs on the street.

Transportation near Bukit Bintang

Taxi, Uber, Busses and monorail, Bukit Bintang is the central hub and comparatively easy to reach from any point in Kuala Lumpur. However, mostly tourist stays in the nearby area because of the ease of transportation. Staying in Bukit Bintang means tourists will get easy transportation for the airport, other cities, and other tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur. There are several local budgeted tour guides that agreed-upon a fixed amount to cover all the famous places. 

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Istiklal Street Istanbul Blog

Istiklal caddesi or Istiklal Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul. The street is highly crowded with an average of 3 million visitors a day. The crowded Istiklal Street has multiple shops, stalls, museums, pubs, night clubs, and restaurants. Istiklal Street is also known as the cultural and social center in Istanbul. This 1.4 km Street has everything that attracts local and foreign visitors. The Street has hotels and hostels for tourists. It is also easily accessible through Eminonu square and reconnects by funicular.


Nostalgic Istiklal Street

The nostalgic Istiklal Street is on the touristic hub Taksim. The area is popular among tourists. The street is on the European side of Istanbul. Istiklal Street has European architecture buildings which are now motels, night clubs, restaurants or shops. It is also famous for its old heritage 18th-century tram which is still functional. The trams pass from the middle of the street ringing its nostalgic bell.

Entertainment on Istiklal Street

Restaurants on Istiklal Street

There are multiple Turkish food restaurants on Istiklal Street along with foreign fast-food chains.

1. Leb-i Derya

As the name suggests, the restaurant overlooks the Bosphorus strait and visitors enjoy scrumptious Turkish food with wonderful ambiance.

2.Mekan a Turkish restaurant

It is the most famous among locals. The menu offers all traditional items. The specialty of this restaurant is Lamb.

3. Lades Restaurant

The restaurant is similar to other Turkish cafes. The generous staff is always helping visitors to select best selling dishes from their menu.

4. Mado

It is a famous bakery and fast-food chain which offers multiple desert and food options. It also has fresh bakery items satisfying huger.

5. Hafız Mustafa 1864

Visiting Istanbul is incomplete without trying Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Delight. The atmosphere, Turkish kava, and famous baklava is not to be missed by any means. They are mostly famous for their famous Turkish Kunafah which is extremely delicious.

6. 360 Istanbul

As suggested by the name, the restaurant provides a 360 degree view of Istanbul. The modern penthouse serves contemporary Turkish meze. The weekend is special with DJs.

7. ADA cafe Istiklal

It is the small cafe in the middle on the street with contemporary design and modern food.

There is Burger King, Mc Donalds, KFC and other local fast food options available on the street. The Famous Turkish ice creams are also served on the street.

For more Turkish Food Advice on Istiklal Street Click Here

Night Life of Istiklal Street

The lively Istiklal street serves till 3.00 in the morning. There are several activities on the street at night. When famous Sultan Ahmet and other popular areas of Istanbul sleeps the Istiklal welcomes its visitors. The street has night clubs, pubs and hookah bars along with karaoke.

Night Life at Istiklal
1. Salsanat Club

Salsanat club is a music club on the street. With loud and noise-making fun at night. However, visitors must be aware of scams. Everything is charged, nothing is free even if you just ask someone to hold your jacket they are going to charge it. Be very careful it is overpriced.

2. Taksim Club IQ

Disco, entertainment, fun and full of nightlife. Taksim Club IQ is famous night club in Taksim area it is footsteps from Istiklal Street. However, clubs and bars all over the world try to rip off customers and scam them. They even try to charge you things you never ordered but its completely upon the customer how they restrict themselves and enjoy in budgeted amount.

3. Club Olimpia

The place is classy modern with perfect night club ambiance. It is a perfect place to enjoy with friends on the weekend the place is crowded. Always ask for the price and do not use anything you dint order.

Clubs & Bars Istiklal
4. Montreal Bar and Cafe

It’s a small bar on the lively street serving drinks with karaoke. The bar has a nice cozy atmosphere and locals prefer going to this bar for budgeted drinks. The bar has no complaints about any scam and the staff is friendly.

Shopping on Istiklal Street

There are multiple clothing brands, handbags accessories, shoes and perfumes shops on Istiklal Street. The shops are both local vendors and international brands. This is the best place for shopping after malls. There are several souvenir shops and t-shirts written I love Istanbul.

Shopping at Istiklal Street
International Brands

Some of the international brands include Lacoste, Diesel, Addidas, Swatch, Accessorize, Mango, H&M, Levis, Nike, Zara, MAC etc.

Turkish Brands and Local Unbranded Shops

The other famous Turkish brands also presented include Koton, Flormar, Bambi etc.

There are some local shop vendors sell unbranded clothes like SNR shop, collectionize, sortie accessorize, Benny, Collins, cobalt, Todors, Mavi, Flo etc.

Local Perfumes Shops

Istiklal Street has local perfume manufacturers that have the best fragrance perfumes that are less than $20 and lasting is for 12 hours visitors must try these locally manufactured perfumes. Bloci, Loris Perfume, and D&P are one of the best local perfume manufacturers of this street.

Nevizade on Istiklal Street


This street is connected from the middle of Istiklal Street. The energetic ambiance offers bars, fish restaurants, cafes, meyhanes, and much more. This narrow street has something special vibes that make you enjoy the European side of Istanbul. A visit to Istiklal might not be complete without enjoying and roaming around this street.

Isfanbul a Theme Park in Istanbul Must Go Place

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Malaysia The Truly Asia Blog

Malaysia the Truly Asia is a country with mountains, highlands, metropolitan cities, and mesmerizing islands. Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia boarding with famous travel destinations Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. However, Malaysia has a tourism edge on its neighboring countries in Asia.

Introducing Malaysia- The Truly Asia

Malaysia has the essence of pure Asian Culture. The country has the majority Muslim population with Malay ethnicity and then Chinese. Malaysia has always been top in tourist destinations. The country could be discovered in a good month because most of the nationalities get a visa for a month. As of now, Malaysia has also introduced E-visa facilities for most of the nations. A tourist arrives directly to the capital and metropolitan city Kuala Lumpur. For cool breeze, mountains, and chill weather Genting Highland or Cameron Highland is preferred. After breezy weather of uplands, Malaysia offers a tropical region of Penang and Langkawi.

Petronas the travel ask
Petronas the travel ask

The majority of tourists bucket at least three cities in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur capital city is a hub and arrival destination. There are options for mountainous and island regions. The most famous highland in Malaysia is Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, and less-visited Fraser Hills. For topical island excursion, the most visited city in Malaysia is Langkawi

There are fewer countries in the world that provide diverse aspects of nature. Malaysia is blessed with a proper natural tourist place with perfect infrastructure. The country is also budgeted like its neighbor country Thailand. The currency is also affordable as compared to other tourist’s destination.

Malaysia My Second Home

Malaysia also got famous for business and residential purposes after immigration and foreign office introduce Malaysia My Second Home. Many businessmen from neighboring countries start settling in the country.

Best Cities to Visit in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is an economical hub, commercial center, and capital city of Malaysia. The twin tower city is the arrival destination for the majority of tourists. The Kula Lumpur International Airport is around 1.5km from the city center. The city is just called KL among tourists and locals. KL is famous for its cultural diversity, tradition, metropolitans and contemporary architecture. The city is the settlement of different ethnicity and makes it the most diverse cities in Southeast Asia. From Hindu temples, mosques and churches KL is significantly rich in religious sites. The city has much more to offer than it seems to be. KL is famous for its Petrona Towers since it’s one of the tallest buildings in the world. It got attraction from tourists after the famous Indian movie Don featuring Shahrukh Khan shoot on site.

Things to do in KL Malaysia the Truly Asia

There are numerous activities in KL from adventures, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing, and history. There are numerous shopping districts in the city along with famous roadside eateries.

1. Petronas Tower

The modern architecture twin tower is what KL is famous for. It is 451.9metres tall and achieved the record of the highest twin towers in the world. It has a contemporary shopping mall Suria KLCC inside which is accessible for travelers and tourists.

Petronas AKA Twin Tower
2. KLCC Park

KLCC Park is in twin tower surrounding. Locals and travelers enjoy sitting and having a good evening time.

3. Batu Cave

It is a Hindu temple site famous for big golden statue of Hindu god. There are 272 steps to get inside the cave it is a historical architecture and must-visit.

Batu Caves
4. Bukit Bintang

One cannot escape the street while traveling to KL. The hustling bustling street never sleeps. Bukit Bintang has the highest number of hotels from budget to star class. The street has various food and shopping options. There are numerous malls in the vicinity and all malls have local and foreign brands. The tourist will surely regret if miss this magical street. There are local food vendors and international food chains on the street. Local manufacturers are street vendors sell garments, accessories, and another electronic items at good rates.

Bukit Bintang
5. Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is a Chinese food street with local Chinese vendors selling all types of traditional Chinese food. The street is situated in the area of Bukit Bintang.

Jalan Alor
6. Petaling Street

Petaling Street is also known as China Town of KL. It is the huge street with locals shops selling all Chinese goods including, garments, handbags, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and local food. It gives strong vibes from China.

Petaling Street
7. Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is Independent square of KL. The street is famous for the national march and historical national buildings. The square is for national gathering. The Malaysia flag is proudly raised at 95 meters.

Independent Square
8. Little India

Little India reflects the Indian Culture and tradition. One can experience Indian essence while visiting this place. There are around 2 million Indians living in KL for 4th generation now. The majority of them are Malaysian National and have now roots in Malaysian culture, tradition, and economy.

9. Sunway Lagoon

Last but not least the Sunway Lagoon water, theme, adventure, and zoo park is all in one magical experience. One can enjoy everything in just a day. The contemporary theme park is best for spending the whole day with family and friends. It has fun for every person. The Park started with Amusement park including the best scary park directed by famous Hollywood directors. Full splash and sparkling Water Park waits to beat the tropical heat of KL. The park is equipped with modern slides and water rides. Adventure and zoo are must-sees when visiting the park.

Sunway Lagoon

Genting Highland- Malaysia Truly Asia

Genting Highland is a cool breezy rainforest hill station. The rainforest is a million years old. The Highland is famous for its biggest First World Hotel & Plaza. There are 7,351 rooms in the hotel which ranked as the biggest hotel according to the rooms in Guinness Book of World record. The highland is 120km away from KL and it takes around 1 hr to reach the destination. Most of the tourists take a day tour for this beautiful mountain area. However, I would recommend booking a night stay in a hotel away from the loud and bustling city life. There is a strawberry farm and famous Chinese the Chin Swee Caves Temple. Most of the tourists take a chairlift ride for the hotel.

Cameron Highland- Malaysia Truly Asia

The other option for cool highlands is Cameron in Malaysia. The temperature ranges between 25°C in day 18°C at night. The beautiful highland is famous for its tea plantation and mesmerizing views from hotel resort. However, Cameron is quite a distance from the capital city and takes around 6 hours. So, it is not possible to take a day trip. If tourist wishes to go Cameron they have to book hotel for day or two.

Langkwi- Malaysia Truly Asia

Langkawi is an archipelago in Andaman Sea. Phuket and this island share the same sea and are neighboring islands. The turquoise sea and coconut water is enough for tourists to enjoy this jewel. However, there are plenty of adventurers and attractions on the Island. The diving adventure will provide you the opportunity to find the hidden treasure in turquoise blue water. Cable Car in Pantai Kok is also famous among tourists to enjoy the beauty of the Island. Cable Car provides mesmerizing aerial view. There are several options in resorts according to traveler’s budget. Langkawi Sky Bridge is another tourist attraction that should not be missed. the Island has its own international airport.

Penang- Malaysia Truly Asia

The street art city Penang is a famous city in Malaysia. It is covered in itinerary of most of the travelers traveling to Malaysia. If one wanted to visit Penang at one glance George Town is the area to cover. Architecture, roadside food, and street art all is covered in one small town area. Penang is also known as the street food capital of the country. This town is recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  Penang also has its own international airport. Single-day is enough to visit the town.

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Isfanbul a Theme Park in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its history, architecture, culture, and tradition. The country stuns tourists with its magical sightseeing. The city has maintained its glory and magnificence among the tourists for several decades.  However, the contemporary side of the city has a skyline, cafes, malls, and other modern tourist attractions. Isfanbul theme park in Istanbul is one of the modern-day attractions of the city. Istanbul previously lacks amusement parks and thrilling attractions; however Isfanbul theme park brings a new joy and activity. Let’s discover an award-winning Isfanbul Theme park through my blog.

Isfanbul Vialand
Isfanbul Vialand

Entry & Ticket of Isfanbul Theme Park

The park opens at 10.30 am for the whole day till 6.00 pm.

Ticket Prices are in Turkish Lira

Adult- 159

Child (4years-14years) – 149

Senior Citizens Age 60 & above- 149

Infant 0-3 years – free entry

The above-given prices are at the entrance counter of the Isfanbul. However, there are several deals and online ticket options that could be booked in advance at attractive prices. Tourists must do some research before going to the park and get some good online coupon deals for buying Isfanbul tickets. Online tickets will save both time and cost.

Isfanbul Theme park

The Isfanbul theme park is covered with several dining options, along with a shopping mall. This is a complete entertainment zone for every age. Isfanbul is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend and for tourists a must go with families. The park has an area of 600,000 and tourists have started comparing it with European style theme parks. Although, it could not be ranked as Disney Land Paris, being a local entertainment venture Isfanbul has everything that a theme park could offer. The park has 3D rides and amusement rides. Isfanbul is lively and full of fun.

This is the only theme park in Istanbul and even nearby cities. Isfanbul is situated in the hilly area of Istanbul which provides a lovely landscape and ambiance. The entrance of the park resembles the fairy tale castle of Disney Land. The excitement is on its peak before entering to the magical Isfanbul via land Theme Park.

Isfunbul Vialand
Isfanbul Vialand

Eatery and Dine-in Isfanbul Theme park

There are several dining options inside and outside the Park. Burger King is right in front of the entrance outside the ticket counter. There are small kiosks of Turkish Ice cream and they fascinate people with their famous serving tricks.

3D Rides Isfanbul Theme park

While entering the park, the first ride that seeks attention is the Angry Birds 4D ride. The staff provides free 3D glasses to enjoy the ride. The ride time is 20 min. The other best 3D experience is an Ice Age ride. This ride also has stimulation along with 3D effects. The rides entertain adults and young together. Families do not have to wait for their children outside.

Isfunbul Vialand
Isfanbul Vialand

Amusement rides Isfanbul Theme park

Carousel is a must ride for theme park and it’s at the main entrance. Children start their journey with the traditional ride. There is a thrilling roller coaster which an adult amusement. Screams and shouts from the visitors gave more attention to the ride. There are several crazy and thrilling rides like 360, and King Kong. One must not miss The Viking the log slide that throws you down to the water. The amusement section is full crazy along with drop tower that first makes you see the aerial view of Istanbul and then drop u down to the ground. Little explorer is the amusement section for kids. Children can enjoy several short rides in this area. The area is decorated beautifully to attract children. This section is vibrant and looks like a magical fairy tale.

Once Upon a Time in Istanbul

This area has some unique Turkish architecture along with some ancient shops. Tourists enjoy different souvenirs shops and taste Turkish cuisine. There are some carpet shops in this section. The area is covered with old roman architecture roads and streets. It connects to the other amusement area. The theme park is well designed and maintained.

Isfanbul-Once upon a time in Istanbul

Isfanbul Shopping Mall

The Isfanbul Shopping Mall is right at the entrance of Theme Park Area before the ticket counter. After a long day at Isfanbul people can check out the shopping mall and enjoy dinner. The shuttle service area is just near to the shopping mall. The mall has all the famous brands along with mart and pharmacy. There are some local brands options that attract foreign travelers. Chay Tea, Burger King, CHOCO KEYF, BEREKET DÖNER, and Mc Donald are some dine-in options in the mall.

Shuttle Service for Isfanbul Theme Park

The Isfanbul theme park provides a shuttle service from 16 various points in Istanbul. These shuttles are clean comfortable and complete free of cost. However, tourists must get exact information by calling the information desk. The shuttle service starts at 10.00 in the morning till the closing hours.

For more information visit Isfanbul

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Best Budget Travel Destination: Thailand

The spectacular, magical and the country of elephant, Thailand is one of the best budget travel destinations. It is the land of the most ancient ruins, oldest Buddhist temples, and rich culture. The country is also famous for its romantic islands. Couples fall in love with each other as soon as they reach the beautiful and magnificent island. Thailand has become the most famous honeymoon destination because of budget travel.


Thailand is not just incredible but it also budgeted. It won’t left you empty-handed. The country has everything to offer for a tourist. The pocket-friendly country has several attractions and things to do that a visitor could not cover in a single visit.


The Capital of Thailand: Bangkok

Thailand’s capital is famous for tourists visiting the country. It is vibrant, colorful, and rich in culture and tradition. The roots of this city are strongly connected to the Buddhist religion. Bangkok has fantastic nightlife with full of entertainment. The city has much more to offer than tourist thinks of.

Culture & Tradition of Thailand

Sawadika is the word that you will listen to since landing in this wonderful country. The people are warmly welcoming, polite, and helpful. Travelers will enjoy their stay in Thailand with the best hospitality in the world. With 95% Buddhist population the country has all the teaching impact of Buddha. Their culture and traditions are in every aspect of their lives. Siam was an old name in Thailand. The population of the country is 69 million as per 2019 stats. Thailand has a similar family system like any South Asian country.

Thai people are patriotic and have huge respect for their country and its tradition. The best festival for tourists to enjoy and visit Thailand is Songkran. It is the water festival celebrated every year 13 to 15th April. Food, drinks, parade, festival and water splash makes the festival vivacious and energetic.

Thai people have strong believed in superstitions. They believe in ghosts and paranormal activities. Thai people are one of the best fortune tellers and can arrange an auspicious date for wedding, traveling or any other work. They have many rituals related to newborn babies. They have a fear of evil spirits and evil eye.

Culture and tradition Thailand
Monks at Temple

The country is culturally and religiously tolerant and respects other cultures and religions. They forgive any unintentional mistakes by foreign tourists. However, tourists must know the culture and traditions of any country before visiting.

Religion of Thailand

95% of the population are Buddhist with strong beliefs. Like other religions, Buddhists are also divided into 3 sects Theravada, Vajrayana, and Mahayana. However, the major tourist’s attraction lies in the religion of Thailand. Tourists are anxious to visit temples and holy sites as they are beautifully designed and portray true Buddhist ancestry. Although, there are many religious sites in whole Thailand but most visited two temples are:

1. Wat Pho (Sleeping Buddha)

sleeping budha
Sleeping Buddha

2. Wat Traimit (The Golden Buddha)

golden buddha
Golden Buddha

Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a shopping paradise. The city has several markets and shopping malls with some best garments, jewelry, and cosmetics. The city also offers the best night markets with budgeted shopping. It’s a shopping hub, and tourists get crazy while shopping in Bangkok. The reason for the lowest rates is local manufacturing. Bangkok is famous in garment manufacturing. The local cosmetic brands are famous in the world. The quality of garments, jewelry, and cosmetic is fabulous. Pratunam area is a shopping heaven for tourists. There are big malls, as well as street shopping.

Some of the major shopping markets/ malls are listed below.

MBK Mall

Indira Mall

Baiyoke Night Market

ASIATIQUE the Riverfront

Terminal 21

Pratunam night market

Platinum mall

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Siam Paragon

Siam Center

Markets Near NANA BTS sky train

Pantip Plaza (for electronics)

Transportation in Bangkok

Being a tourist hub, and metropolitan city, Bangkok has some amazing intercity transportation system. The city has various options for transportation. It has one of the best transportation in under developing countries. These are the list of transportation available for tourists.


Tuk tuk

Thailand is famous for its 3 wheeler tuk-tuk. Tourists enjoy this ride and feel the vibes of the country. Tuktuk is available in almost every city in Thailand. It’s a cheap and most exciting mode of transportation. The tuk-tuk drivers are vigilant and enthusiastic. The drivers are tourist guides for you and will take you everywhere around the city. They know budgeted place just let them know what you want. One thing tourists must keep in mind to bargain with the fare.



Taxis are common in Thailand and easy to find anywhere. From airport to hotel lobbies taxis are widely spread across cities.

Taxi in Bangkok
Taxi in Bangkok


Uber experience is easy and accessible in Thailand. Taxis are expensive than Uber the reason it is far most used by tourists.

Sky Train

Sky train one of the best and cheapest modes of transportation for solo travelers and couples. BTS Sky train is rapid and steady and saves time for tourists. Bangkok being a metropolitan city is busy and crowded. It is an elevated train system for the mass population. The BTS stations cover downtown Bangkok where a load of traffic is far more than anywhere in the city.

Sky Train
Inside Sky Train

Thailand’s famous Island Phuket

Phuket ranks top in beach destinations in the world. It is the biggest island in the country. It has a mesmerizing white sand beach, with curved palm trees, and the best nightlife. There are several resorts not only for the elite but also for budgeted travelers. There is abundance in hotels and restaurants tourists can enjoy in their budget. Phuket is also famous for partying all night long.

nightlife phuket

The best place for tourists in Phuket is Patong beach. When its night and there is no activity at beach Walking Street at Patong beach waits for tourists to enjoy pubs, shopping, and nightclubs. There are various options for tourists to visit Tropical Island nearby.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach

Phuket is the most visited island in Thailand because of plenty of options for tourist attractions. Phuket has several temples and beaches. There is a long coast belt that is connected to different beaches along with some best resorts. Patong, Kata, Karon, and Kamala are one of the most visited beaches in Phuket. There are two most visited tropical islands in Phuket.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most romantic and compelling islands in Far East Asia. It is easily accessible from Phuket or Karabi in a speedboat or ferry. The Speed boat takes around 45 min whereas the ferry takes 90 min to reach the island. The Island has some magical rock formation along with palm trees and turquoise blue water. It’s just glory on earth.

phi phi island
Phi Phi Island

James bond Island

The James Bond Island was named after the movie The Man with the golden gun. James bond appeared on the island and as tourists started taking an interest the names were changed. Ko Ta Pu is not known and a forgotten name.

James bond
Jamesbond Island


The coastal city of Pattaya is 2 hours and 100 km from Bangkok. It’s a must place to visit when visiting the country’s capital. Pattaya has beaches, resorts, water sports, and an amazing nightlife. The city has an amazing water park named cartoon network Water Park. The famous beach in Jomtien Beach.

Pattaya city at Night
Pattaya city at Night

Hotels in Thailand

Hotels in Thailand are cheap as compare to any other tourist destination. Thailand cities including Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Pattaya & Koh Samui all cities can offer you a good room in a class hotel just for $50. However, the resorts could be availed for $100. 

Food in Thailand

Food is a significant part of culture and tradition. Thailand is also famous for its cuisines especially its seafood.


People travel from the world to taste the food once. However, Thai food has varieties of dishes including sour, salty, sweet, and spice. Only Thai chefs know to blend the spices and ready sweet and spicy dishes together. Tourists enjoy Thai ambiance and food while traveling to Thailand. Noodles, rice, and curry Thai food are getting popular day by day in western countries.

Herbal and Ayurveda of Thailand

Spa, herbal and Ayurveda are in roots of Thai culture. Visiting Thailand is incomplete without taking spa services or buying herbal and Ayurveda products. There are traditional medicines theories in Thai culture that are widely used by locals. The Ayurveda is being used since 3,500 BC. There are multiple bodies and skin treatments related to Ayurveda. Tourists can get the best local products in markets.

Thailand Visa Requirements from Pakistan

Visa Application form dual signed

4 passport photo (white)

Passport and Copy of previous passports

CNIC copy

Covering Letter of Company

6 Months Bank Statement

Account Maintenance Certificate

NTN Certificate

Check leaf- Void and Cancel

Business Card

B-form (if Child)

School Card (if Child)

Marriage Certificate Nadra

Hotel Bookings

Flight Reservation (Dummy)

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Covering Letter for Schengen Visa Application

The most frequently asked question by travelers is How to make Covering Letter for Schengen Visa Application. Preparing an eye catchy covering letter is a significant step in submitting a Schengen visa application. There are several aspects that have to be taken into consideration before writing a covering letter for Schengen Visa.

Introduction to Covering Letter for Schengen Visa

A covering letter is a document required by a consulate or embassy to issue you a visa. This letter includes every detail related to your intended travel to a particular country. However, concise and precise covering letters are easy to understand but it should also not less than a page. Schengen countries, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and other Far-East Asian countries require a covering letter and it’s a basic requirement. However, to make readers astonish UK and US consulate do not require a covering letter.

Important steps in covering letter for Schengen Visa

The following are the important steps in designing a covering letter.

The first line of a covering letter

The first is a subject of covering letter in which you are addressing the country and telling why you have written the application. “I am highly obliged to apply for a Schengen visa with the intention to travel Italy from 23rd June 2020 to 7th July 2020. “ This first line will tell your country of visit and intended dates of travel.

Purpose to travel

The starting of a covering letter will tell the consular the reason for your travel to the country. It should be in the starting lines and it must be concise and clear. The covering letter starting with the stories of how you fall in love with the country, or how you meet with your friend will not give a positive sign. However, the starting should start “The purpose of traveling is to spend vacation sol/with wife/children” OR the purpose of traveling is to meet family/friend”.

Date of Travel

Complete itineraries should be in covering letter after the introduction phase. For the first time application, the visa is granted for particular dates. So, if applying for Schengen Visa, the applicant should be very careful because it will grant visas according to the given dates. Usually, first-time applicants get no more than 12 days visa.

Cities/ Countries to visit on stay

After an introduction, the purpose of travel and traveling date main focus comes on the cities and countries to stay while traveling. The consular is now interested to know which cities and countries the applicant will cover on stay. If the person is applying from Italy or Germany the applicant will start from the port of entry. The port of entry should be the city of the country applicant is applying from. For instance, if the applicant is applying from Italian consulate he/she should start from Rome, Florence, Venice or any other tourist destination city of Italy. 

He/ she should tell the consulate which city he will prefer to enter. After that city, the applicant will continue telling the cities of Italy or any Schengen Visa member country.  

Places of interest to stay

The applicant has to focus mainly on the country from where he/she applying for a visa. If its Italian consulate the applicant has to mention “I will start my journey from the capital city Rome, the city that inspires me from the Roman Empire. The culture, food, and fashion of Italy have no comparison with any other country.”

It looks good to praise a country you want to travel tell how enthusiastic you are to travel to a particular country. Afterward, the applicant can tell the wish to see Eiffel Tower, or fulfilling his childhood dream of Disneyland. Or, to see the wonder of the world Pisa tower, OR Christmas market of Germany. Just add a famous place in the city you want to travel to.

Advice on Schengen Visa covering letter

The itinerary of the applicant must show that most of the days will be spent in the country applicant applying from. As we all know that we can change the itinerary after the visa issuance. However, the port of entry should be from the same country applicant got the visa from. Applicants can leave the country on same the after getting entry. For instance, if an applicant applying from Italy, he/she should show most of his days in Italy’s different cities.

Hotel Bookings

The name and address of hotels must be included in the covering letter. As hotel reservations are required to submit with the Schengen Visa application it is important to mention the hotel name and address in the covering letter with the traveling dates. The Hotels can be easily booked with free cancelation from

Enclosing Documents

The applicant must enter all the enclosed documents. Such as passport, visa application form, FRC, CNIC, Employment letter, salary slips, NTN certificate, bank statement, account maintenance letter, etc.

Sample Covering Letter

The following is the Covering Letter of Schengen Visa for Italian Consulate.

Keeping in mind its first time and applying with wife and children.

Date: March 16, 2020


The Visa Officer,

Italian Consulate

Karachi, Pakistan.

Sub: Applying for Italy Short Stay Visa from June 10, 2020 to June 21, 2020

Dear Sir/ Madam

I Name XYZ  s/o Father name ABC Passport no- XXXXXX is highly obliged to apply for a Schengen Short Stay Visa with an intention to travel Italy from June 10, 2020 to June 21, 2020. My purpose in traveling is to spend my summer vacation in Italy, Switzerland, & France along with my wife XYZ holding Passport no- XXXXXX and My Son ABC holding Passport no- XXXXX for good 12 Days.

I am working in XXX Limited Company (address) (Phone number) as an Audit Manager. I have been working in this company since 2015. My employer has approved my yearly vacations of which my NOC from the employer is also attached.

I would like to visit Italy for tourism purpose. My complete itinerary is given below with confirmed hotel details:

Day Date City Activities Mode of Transportation
1 June,10 Rome Arrival  to Rome Etihad Airways
2 June,11 Rome City Tour Clossium, Trevi Fountain Hip Hop Bus/Taxi
3 June,12 Rome Vatican City Hip Hop Bus/Taxi
4 June,13 Rome to Florence Arrival Tour Pisa Tower to Flexi Bus/ Euro Rail Invoice Ticket #
5 June,14 Florence Florence,  City Tour Private Tour/Taxi
6 June,15 Florence to Venice Arrival to Venice St. Marks Square Flexi Bus/ Euro Rail Invoice Ticket #
7 June,16 Venice Mestre taxi
8 June,17 Venice to Zurich Arrival to Zurich & City Tour Flexi Bus/ Euro Rail Invoice Ticket #
9 June,18 Zurich to Interlaken City Tour Tram
10 June,19 Zurich to Paris Arrival in Paris- Eiffel Tower Euro Rail Invoice Ticket no.
11 June,20 Paris Disney Land Paris Private
12 June,21 Paris Departure to Airport Etihad Airways
I am enclosing all required documents for Schengen Visa required by embassy including

Original Passport & Previous Passports

C.N.I.C Copy

Kids B-form Copy

Children Educational ID

4 Photographs

Last 6 Months Bank Statements

Account Maintenance Certificate

Covering Letter of Company

Leaves NOC from Company

Visiting Card

Personal N.T.N copy or Company & last three years return file

Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

Marriage certificate English / Nadra

Applicant Email Address & phone number Res/cell

Three Month Salary Slip

Hotel Bookings confirm

Air ticket reserved

Medical Insurance

I would certainly be grateful if you kindly grant us a Visit Visa so we can proceed our journey. If you have any question or concern regarding my case please feel free to contact me at any time on ( phone number) (Email Id)

Thanking you


Audit Manager

XXX Limited Company

Sample Covering Letter for Schengen Visa

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