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Best Budget Travel Destination: Thailand

The spectacular, magical and the country of elephant, Thailand is one of the best budget travel destinations. It is the land of the most ancient ruins, oldest Buddhist temples, and rich culture. The country is also famous for its romantic islands. Couples fall in love with each other as soon as they reach the beautiful and magnificent island. Thailand has become the most famous honeymoon destination because of budget travel.


Thailand is not just incredible but it also budgeted. It won’t left you empty-handed. The country has everything to offer for a tourist. The pocket-friendly country has several attractions and things to do that a visitor could not cover in a single visit.


The Capital of Thailand: Bangkok

Thailand’s capital is famous for tourists visiting the country. It is vibrant, colorful, and rich in culture and tradition. The roots of this city are strongly connected to the Buddhist religion. Bangkok has fantastic nightlife with full of entertainment. The city has much more to offer than tourist thinks of.

Culture & Tradition of Thailand

Sawadika is the word that you will listen to since landing in this wonderful country. The people are warmly welcoming, polite, and helpful. Travelers will enjoy their stay in Thailand with the best hospitality in the world. With 95% Buddhist population the country has all the teaching impact of Buddha. Their culture and traditions are in every aspect of their lives. Siam was an old name in Thailand. The population of the country is 69 million as per 2019 stats. Thailand has a similar family system like any South Asian country.

Thai people are patriotic and have huge respect for their country and its tradition. The best festival for tourists to enjoy and visit Thailand is Songkran. It is the water festival celebrated every year 13 to 15th April. Food, drinks, parade, festival and water splash makes the festival vivacious and energetic.

Thai people have strong believed in superstitions. They believe in ghosts and paranormal activities. Thai people are one of the best fortune tellers and can arrange an auspicious date for wedding, traveling or any other work. They have many rituals related to newborn babies. They have a fear of evil spirits and evil eye.

Culture and tradition Thailand
Monks at Temple

The country is culturally and religiously tolerant and respects other cultures and religions. They forgive any unintentional mistakes by foreign tourists. However, tourists must know the culture and traditions of any country before visiting.

Religion of Thailand

95% of the population are Buddhist with strong beliefs. Like other religions, Buddhists are also divided into 3 sects Theravada, Vajrayana, and Mahayana. However, the major tourist’s attraction lies in the religion of Thailand. Tourists are anxious to visit temples and holy sites as they are beautifully designed and portray true Buddhist ancestry. Although, there are many religious sites in whole Thailand but most visited two temples are:

1. Wat Pho (Sleeping Buddha)

sleeping budha
Sleeping Buddha

2. Wat Traimit (The Golden Buddha)

golden buddha
Golden Buddha

Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a shopping paradise. The city has several markets and shopping malls with some best garments, jewelry, and cosmetics. The city also offers the best night markets with budgeted shopping. It’s a shopping hub, and tourists get crazy while shopping in Bangkok. The reason for the lowest rates is local manufacturing. Bangkok is famous in garment manufacturing. The local cosmetic brands are famous in the world. The quality of garments, jewelry, and cosmetic is fabulous. Pratunam area is a shopping heaven for tourists. There are big malls, as well as street shopping.

Some of the major shopping markets/ malls are listed below.

MBK Mall

Indira Mall

Baiyoke Night Market

ASIATIQUE the Riverfront

Terminal 21

Pratunam night market

Platinum mall

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Siam Paragon

Siam Center

Markets Near NANA BTS sky train

Pantip Plaza (for electronics)

Transportation in Bangkok

Being a tourist hub, and metropolitan city, Bangkok has some amazing intercity transportation system. The city has various options for transportation. It has one of the best transportation in under developing countries. These are the list of transportation available for tourists.


Tuk tuk

Thailand is famous for its 3 wheeler tuk-tuk. Tourists enjoy this ride and feel the vibes of the country. Tuktuk is available in almost every city in Thailand. It’s a cheap and most exciting mode of transportation. The tuk-tuk drivers are vigilant and enthusiastic. The drivers are tourist guides for you and will take you everywhere around the city. They know budgeted place just let them know what you want. One thing tourists must keep in mind to bargain with the fare.



Taxis are common in Thailand and easy to find anywhere. From airport to hotel lobbies taxis are widely spread across cities.

Taxi in Bangkok
Taxi in Bangkok


Uber experience is easy and accessible in Thailand. Taxis are expensive than Uber the reason it is far most used by tourists.

Sky Train

Sky train one of the best and cheapest modes of transportation for solo travelers and couples. BTS Sky train is rapid and steady and saves time for tourists. Bangkok being a metropolitan city is busy and crowded. It is an elevated train system for the mass population. The BTS stations cover downtown Bangkok where a load of traffic is far more than anywhere in the city.

Sky Train
Inside Sky Train

Thailand’s famous Island Phuket

Phuket ranks top in beach destinations in the world. It is the biggest island in the country. It has a mesmerizing white sand beach, with curved palm trees, and the best nightlife. There are several resorts not only for the elite but also for budgeted travelers. There is abundance in hotels and restaurants tourists can enjoy in their budget. Phuket is also famous for partying all night long.

nightlife phuket

The best place for tourists in Phuket is Patong beach. When its night and there is no activity at beach Walking Street at Patong beach waits for tourists to enjoy pubs, shopping, and nightclubs. There are various options for tourists to visit Tropical Island nearby.

Patong Beach
Patong Beach

Phuket is the most visited island in Thailand because of plenty of options for tourist attractions. Phuket has several temples and beaches. There is a long coast belt that is connected to different beaches along with some best resorts. Patong, Kata, Karon, and Kamala are one of the most visited beaches in Phuket. There are two most visited tropical islands in Phuket.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most romantic and compelling islands in Far East Asia. It is easily accessible from Phuket or Karabi in a speedboat or ferry. The Speed boat takes around 45 min whereas the ferry takes 90 min to reach the island. The Island has some magical rock formation along with palm trees and turquoise blue water. It’s just glory on earth.

phi phi island
Phi Phi Island

James bond Island

The James Bond Island was named after the movie The Man with the golden gun. James bond appeared on the island and as tourists started taking an interest the names were changed. Ko Ta Pu is not known and a forgotten name.

James bond
Jamesbond Island


The coastal city of Pattaya is 2 hours and 100 km from Bangkok. It’s a must place to visit when visiting the country’s capital. Pattaya has beaches, resorts, water sports, and an amazing nightlife. The city has an amazing water park named cartoon network Water Park. The famous beach in Jomtien Beach.

Pattaya city at Night
Pattaya city at Night

Hotels in Thailand

Hotels in Thailand are cheap as compare to any other tourist destination. Thailand cities including Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Pattaya & Koh Samui all cities can offer you a good room in a class hotel just for $50. However, the resorts could be availed for $100. 

Food in Thailand

Food is a significant part of culture and tradition. Thailand is also famous for its cuisines especially its seafood.


People travel from the world to taste the food once. However, Thai food has varieties of dishes including sour, salty, sweet, and spice. Only Thai chefs know to blend the spices and ready sweet and spicy dishes together. Tourists enjoy Thai ambiance and food while traveling to Thailand. Noodles, rice, and curry Thai food are getting popular day by day in western countries.

Herbal and Ayurveda of Thailand

Spa, herbal and Ayurveda are in roots of Thai culture. Visiting Thailand is incomplete without taking spa services or buying herbal and Ayurveda products. There are traditional medicines theories in Thai culture that are widely used by locals. The Ayurveda is being used since 3,500 BC. There are multiple bodies and skin treatments related to Ayurveda. Tourists can get the best local products in markets.

Thailand Visa Requirements from Pakistan

Visa Application form dual signed

4 passport photo (white)

Passport and Copy of previous passports

CNIC copy

Covering Letter of Company

6 Months Bank Statement

Account Maintenance Certificate

NTN Certificate

Check leaf- Void and Cancel

Business Card

B-form (if Child)

School Card (if Child)

Marriage Certificate Nadra

Hotel Bookings

Flight Reservation (Dummy)