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Turkey has Reopened Its Doors for Tourism

Since December 2019, the novel coronavirus has taken over the world. However, nations around the world are back to their normal lives. Mostly, people around the world have also started traveling. Business and leisure travel has resumed in many countries for the past one month. Turkey has also reopened its doors for tourism. Although, things will not be the same as it used to be.

COVID19 updates in Turkey

There were around 214,000 cases of coronavirus in Turkey. However, the country has worked tremendously to fight against this novel coronavirus.
On the other hand, there are only 12,000 active cases in the whole country which are far less than expected.

Traveling to Turkey as the country has reopened its doors for tourism

According to the Travel and Tourism industry of Turkey, it is all set to welcome guests from around the world. It has lifted all COVID 19 travel amid restrictions. Land borders are also open with Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, and all other neighboring countries except Syria & Iran.

COVID Rules to entry Turkey

There are few considerations for travelers yo enter Turkey. However, the Turkish Embassy website has not required any specific health certificate to enter the country but passengers will be going through medical screening at the airport. Any passenger showing symptoms of the virus including fever, runny nose, cough will be required to go for the covid19 test. If the test turns out to be positive the passenger will be sent to quarantine for another 14 days.

Travelers above the age of 65 will observe a curfew from 8.00 pm to 10.00 am. The Travel Ask forbids elderly people to avoid traveling until the vaccines are in the market.

Hotel rooms will be sanitized and guest temperature will be checked upon arrival.

While in Turkey

Tourists in Turkey should follow the precautions while in the country. Wearing masks in public places is necessary to avoid any contact with the infection. While in transport all passengers must wear masks in their taxis, busses, and trams.

How to travel to Turkey

There are multiple airlines that have started their operations in Turkey. However, most of the middle eastern airlines required Health certificate that shows passenger is corona negative.

Although, the Turkish flagship airline does not require any sort of certification neither it is needed to obtain a visa nor entering the country. Turkish Airlines would be the best option if one needs to travel to the country.
Turkish Airlines serves from almost every part of the world so it would not be difficult to reserve.

While traveling to Istanbul in Turkey one could not miss the adventurous Isfanbul and the most vibrant Istiklal Street.

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Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Usually, every street of Europe is largely deserted; every country including Denmark and Norway are in lockdown. However, Sweden that is just eight kilometers away is the only European country to refuse the lockdown. Swedish citizens are living a routine life. Restaurants, Bars, Salons, and even primary schools are operational regularly.

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 192,248 people around the world. There are around 2,751,790 active cases as of 24th April 2020. However, with a population of 10 million, Sweden has refused to implement coronavirus lockdown. This article will focus on Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown.

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Approach: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Sweden has its own approach to deal with the global pandemic. Primary children are still attending schools. But high schools and universities are closed and are completely operational online. The health advisors have given voluntary precautions that every citizen has to follow to save from coronavirus. Elders are advised to isolate themselves. The government has restricted people to avoid gatherings of more than 50 peoples. However, all other usual activities in the country are unchanged. The country wants its peoples to enhance their immunity keeping their life relaxed. So, that people can go to their offices, students can attend schools and people can have their haircuts at the saloon.

Healthcare Agencies of Sweden

Sweden’s approach is whether lockdown or not, the virus is going to spread. The data shows that there are around 14.5% of cases that require hospitalization for 2 to 6 weeks. And 5% of cases require a ventilator. Sweden health care advisors want their citizens to take responsibility on their own. They also said that the death rate is high because it spread in the nursing home. Sweden also claimed that 50% of the household just had a single-person.

One of the principal given an interview with CNN said that “Government has seen other possibilities and school is a very important function in society. Sweden has limited restrictions on the movement of any neighboring countries. The public health agencies of Sweden suggest that quarantine will make more harm than good. They also suggested that new cases will dramatically decline if the public adopts safety measures of social distancing. The government has adopted a wait and see strategy towards coronavirus.  

Neighboring Countries:  Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

The cases of coronavirus in Sweden are much higher than its neighboring countries Denmark and Norway. The health agencies argued that Sweden is not densely populated and thus maintaining social distance is easier than any other country. The population density of the country is 25/km 2.  However, there are more than 2000 fatalities in the country due to Covid19.

Economy: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Sweden has not seen any damage in the economy with no surprise; in contrast, its neighboring countries have two folds, down in personal spending and unemployment. With even such a relaxed strategy the country may see economical problems in coming future because voluntarily some businesses have shut down and people restrict themselves. The finance minister has warned that there would be a 10% shrink in the country’s GDP. Sweden’s GDP in 2018 was 556.1 Billion dollars. He also warned that unemployment will rise to 13.5% which was just 7.6% in 2018.

Global Criticism and accusation on Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

However, the Swedish Government is under high criticism for not doing enough restrictions against the pandemic. The global health advisors are accusing the country of its relaxed approach battling against the virus. There are many controversies in the global world against Sweden. The government officials said they are not seeing any strict regulations for Covid19 in the near future. The Government and people are undivided and fighting against the novel coronavirus. Hospitals in the country have not been inundated. However, hospitals are working on 80% capacity.

Well, the UK also tried to move forward and relax in lockdown like Sweden but in no time they had to take their decision back and enforced lockdown again.

Preparations: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

The country’s preparations, on the other hand, are inevitable. They have already set up a hospital for any future emergency despite lockdown. The government is confident in its policies and looks towards the betterment of society. The health advisors have focused on the elderly population of the country and are ready to take measures against the virus.

Sweden has a completely different approach from other countries. The Government is not forcing its citizens to stay home. They believe that people should voluntarily make social distance and fight with this novel disease. According to the Swedish government Guideline, Regulations, and safety measures are the ways to fight with this pandemic. Lockdown, restrictions, and curfew will just give harm to society and nothing else.

How Coronavirus Affecting Tourism

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The Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel in 2020

A travel insurance company Insurly in France has issued a list of the top 10 safest countries to travel in 2020. The main purpose of going on holiday is to relax and enjoy it.

The foremost thing that a traveler identifies before traveling is the safety of the country. Transportation, occurrence of natural disasters, street crimes, healthcare system are mechanism worked behind ranking country in safety index by Insurly. Terrorism, human trafficking, and drug mafia are some other factors that also rank the country’s safety.

1. Switzerland ranked 1st in Top 10 safest countries to travel in 2020

Switzerland is identified as the safest and peaceful country in the world. There are fewer incidents of traffic and street crime as compared to any country in the world. However, Switzerland is also one of the most expensive countries in the world. It’s a paradise on earth. The country score 93.4 out of 100 according to the stats revealed.

2. Singapore

The small island country of Far East Asia has ranked second in the traveling safety index with a score of 92.7. It also scored top in passport ranking. There are numerous activities for travelers in this small country. Travelers can easily walk on the streets without pickpocket or any street crime.

3. Norway

The Scandinavian countries are always on the priority list when it comes to safety index. However, Norway toped in Nordic countries. It scored 91.1 and stands at third position. Traveler can enjoy aurora bolis without any safety issues. The country’s health care is best among all listed countries.

4. Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a small country in Europe manages to stand at 4th position in the global safest traveling country. However, there always must be safety precautions when roaming on the streets and traveling in public transport.

5. Cyprus

Cyprus is not competitive in tourism as compared to Schengen countries, but the country ranked at 5th position. Their country has tried to provide safety for its travelers which may lead to more tourism in the country. However, the country is the safest in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

6. Iceland

The country has a sparse population of 364,260. The country is the safest in the world and has not recorded a single crime. However, it stands at 6th position because of extreme weather conditions, and unavailability of healthcare. The traveler should keep in mind that there could be a stern driving condition.

7. Denmark

Another Scandinavian marked its position at 7th in the travel safety index. The country has almost no risk of natural catastrophes. However, the crimes are thin and could be easily avoided if common sense is used.

8. Portugal

A country famous for its street food, seaside, and Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked 8th is travel safety index. The country has never faced any terrorism; however, petty crime is a little problem in the country. It is the safest country in Western Europe.

9. Finland

The home Santa Clause, manage to stand at 9th position is the travel safety index. The citizens of Finland have the highest trust in their police than any other European nation. It has a low crime rate, however, being vigilant is always advised to travelers.

10. Japan

Japan is the only country that stands in the top 10 safest countries to travel after Singapore.  It stands at 10th position due to extreme natural disasters in the country. The country had experienced Tsunami, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions.

The countries which are not in the top 10 safest countries to travel in the world

The UK is famous among travelers but it could not make its place in the top 10 and stands at 29. Spain ranked at no. 13, however, Australia and France stand at 31 and 32 respectively. Italy famous for pickpocketing and burglar crime came at 36. The USA was far from all these and came to 44th place.

It is always important for a traveler to be vigilant. Most of the crimes could be avoided if we use common sense and take care of our belongings. However, the travel safety index will be considerably changed after the novel coronavirus affecting global tourism. Related Article

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How Coronavirus Affecting Global Tourism

the top ten safest countries to travel in 2020 Top 10 safest countries to travel

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How Coronavirus Affecting Tourism

Flight cancellation, visa restriction, and travel ban coronavirus have played havoc on global tourism. The world has never witnessed this kind of virus ever. Over 173 countries are affected by a coronavirus. Multiple airports have shut and the coronavirus is affecting global tourism. The Airline industry is facing losses and recessions. Cabin Crew is given suspended contracts and force resignations.

Since decades tourism contribution to the country’s economy is phenomenal. Almost every country in the world depends on tourism. However, the terror to stay inside affecting global tourism.

The Coronavirus affecting global tourism

The Coronavirus first recorded on 12 December 2019 in Wuhan the city of China. After that the cases started reporting from different parts of the country since then it hasn’t slowed down. There are around 231,362 cases of coronavirus around the world in more than 173 countries. The deadly corona has claimed around 11,187 lives which becomes a global health emergency in a short span of time. World health organization has also announced a health emergency in China. The SARS of 2003, was similar to Coronavirus, however, the impact was not as deadly as this.

Far East Asia mostly affected from coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, the tourism industry is facing a drastic decline around the world. China is already locking down its citizens and inbound traveling has almost ended. The coronavirus is not just affecting China’s tourism market but has also impact on other countries. After China, the most affected countries which faced a decline in tourists are from Far East Asia. The unofficial reports have claimed that 75% of leisure travelers have canceled their holidays to these countries. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & Singapore are mainly based on the tourism industry and people are canceling their visits. According to reports, the hotel rooms are now 40% less than regular rates.


Suvarnabhumi Airport was one of the busiest airports in the world however, it has no sign of life nowadays.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in coronavirus
Suvarnabhumi Airport due to coronavirus

30% of the total tourists in Thailand are from China. Thailand recorded the second-most cases of coronavirus after China. Bangkok is the traveling hub and Thai Airways has become the center point to travel most of the Far East Asian countries. Thailand itself has recorded a loss of $3.51 billion in the tourism industry till now. Not only international tourism Thailand has also faced a decrease in domestic tourism. Thailand has around 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus even then it has not imposed any ban on Chinese travelers, unlike its neighboring country.


Recently, a video went viral from Singapore showing how Universal Studios has become a ghost town. People have stop visiting tourist areas.

Singapore Changi Airport being vigilant started to deploy thermal cameras, and distributed hand sanitizer, masks, and vitamin C to travelers at the airport. The number of cases is still increasing even after the most effective measures. Tourism Economics report has warned that the travel industry will face high impact and economic loss in upcoming months. Although, anything couldn’t work and Singapore is without any tourists.


In accordance with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, it has also recorded a loss in tourism because of coronavirus. The loss is between $5.9 billion and $7.7 billion. The loss will continue.


Bali, Indonesia faces around 20,000 rooms booking cancellation. The country also has some cases of coronavirus and people stopped traveling.

USA and coronavirus affecting global tourism

The United States of America has canceled all airlines inbound and outbound. The CEO of American Airline said that the condition is worst than 9/11. When the twin towers were attacked the commercial airlines stopped, however soon after complete safety the operations started immediately. The US is in complete lockdown. Restaurants closed, theme parks shut, empty airport, the world has not witnessed anything like this before. There is an estimation of loss of $24 billion that the US tourism industry will face. The impact will carry on to 2021.

Newyork Times square
Times Square Empty #Coronavirus

The following is the case when coronavirus just affected China. In the year 2018, Chinese tourists have contributed $34.6 billion to the US economy. As China shuts down the US will have its impact till the next few years. American tourism mostly depends on the Chinese. Most of the airlines from the USA have suspended their flights to mainland China including Hong Kong. The USA is expecting a $10.3 billion loss for not hosting Chinese visitors. In 2018, approximately an average Chinese traveler spent $6,500. During the SARS period, the USA faced a 30% decline in Chinese visitors. The consequences will be worst if virus is not controlled. However, now the country cannot opt for local tourism.

Saudi Arab tourism affected by Coronavirus

The holy cities of Muslims around the world, Mecca and Madinah are empty as Saudi Arabia’s government ban all types of religious and tourism travels. The country is in complete lockdown and there is not a single tourist left. They had given the last 72 hours to the Iqama holders to come back to the country. Saudi Arabia has even banned domestic traveling. According to a cabin crew of Saudi Airlines, they are given forced vacations and suspended contracts to go back to their home country.

Holy Kaaba
Holy Kaaba

UAE affected by Coronavirus

UAE solely depends on tourism. seven-star hotels, uncountable water parks, the world’s best theme parks all are closed. The country, itself ban tourists and ask resident visa holders to be in quarantine for 14 days after coming back to the country. If one does not comply readily for the heavy fine. Although it is giving a huge loss to the country’s tourism, the world is looking forward to October 2020’s Expo. The government of the UAE has invested around trillion dollars for the infrastructure. If the situation could not get better, the UAE will face the losses it could never come out of.

Europe affected by coronavisa

After mainland China, the continent of Europe is the worst affected by a coronavirus. The whole continent is shut and there are more deaths recorded in Italy than China. Europe was fully operational when coronavirus started to spread in China. However, in no time the whole continent faced havoc created by Coronavirus. Europe’s death toll rises to more than 5000. It is an alarming situation.

European cities are full of Chinese tourists, corona makes those cities empty. It’s hard to find any direct tourist from China. The fear escalated when a Chinese tourist aged 80, was died due to coronavirus in hospital in Paris. Soon, the coronavirus spread in the whole Europe in no time.


Italy has the worst condition in the world. We have no idea when things will get better. It has most of the elderly population in Europe and they are vulnerable. Let’s not talk about tourists even residents could not come out of there homes. it has the most death cases of coronavirus in the world. Check Statistics

For the last two decades, as China’s economy surged the number of visitors significantly increased in Italy. As in 2018, Chinese travelers spent $277 all around the world which was $10 Billion in the year 2000. On January 21, Italian minister Dario Franceschini, and Chinese minister of culture and tourism, Luo Shugang launched a multifaceted program for increasing cultural exchange and tourism between both the countries. The program also aims to double direct flights between Italy and China. However, just after 10 days because of the deadly corona, Italy had to suspend all flights from China. The quarantine of the most populous nation is not affecting its own country but the whole world.


Barcelona, Spain, was about to host the world’s biggest trade exhibition of mobile communication on 24th February which has now canceled due to virus fear. Although Spanish authorities confidently ensure about precautions and arrangements against coronavirus, big giants like Intel, Facebook and Amazon canceled their presence.

City of spain with no tourist
City of Spain

UK affected by Coronavirus

According to the national tourism agency of Britain, the average spent time of Chinese tourists is 16 days on their single stay. Chinese spent most of the time in Britain. Munich, Germany and Hallstatt, Austria is also one of the famous tourist destinations of Chinese. Right now, the UK has also faced a dramatic lockdown of the century. There are number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK. People are scared. They are neither traveling inbound nor outbound. The Queen has also shifted to Wales palace for safety.


The Coronavirus is all around the world there are only few countries that are not affected maybe 6 or 7. However, these countries are equally vulnerable. The most effective way to fight coronavirus is self-quarantine. Make sure one does not travel and remain inside until the situation got better.