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UK Visa from Pakistan (steps & guideline)

There are multiple queries for a UK visa from Pakistan. However, a UK visa has become the most difficult visa for Green Passport. Our visa experts have tried to make a list of requirements and criteria to get UK visa from Pakistan.

UK embassy goes through the critical examination of every case and then approves visa. The following are the detailed guidelines and requirements to get UK visa from Pakistan.

Steps in UK visa from Pakistan

There are two main steps in the UK visa application

1. Online form filling and print it GOV.UK or Visa4UK

2. Submit online form and other documents to Gerry’s VFS Center





Online Application form UK visa from Pakistan

There are two sources of online application for a UK visa from Pakistan. GOV.UK. and Visa4UK After visiting UK Visas and Immigration website applicant has to register. After complete registration save online ID and password for future updates and changes. The online application contains simple questions and basic information. It asks about family, professional life, education, the purpose of travel, intended dates of travel, address, hotel information, etc.

UK Visa Type

This Visa consultancy is for Standard Visitor Visa for Family visiting, tourism, medical ETC.

Payment for UK visa

After filing online application applicant has payment online via debit or credit card. For first time applicant has to pay £93 (Rs.19,000) six month visa multiple entry.

Download and Print UK Visa Form

After the payment download the completed form and print it for further process. This form will be required in every phase till the application submit.

Submission UK Visa centers in Pakistan

The UK Visa Application Centre is located in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Mirpur.


Once the applicant completed the online form and print and arrange all documents now it’s time to make an appointment. The appointment is available on Gerry’s Pakistan website Click Here Rs.2500 is charged for Gerry visa services. You can book an appointment on-site or call the service center.  You can also avail of scan documents option at VFS Gerry’s Center or self-upload it.

Timings of Submission UK Visa

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 3.00pm

Processing time: 15- 20 Days

Interview for UK visa

An interview is optional in the UK standard Visitor Visa. It depends on the UK Visa and Immigration to call an applicant for an interview or not. However, the applicant will receive a call in 15 days if the interview required.

UK Visa territory

The UK visa territory includes England, Scotland, Wales, London, Gibraltar, Virgin Island and many more.  

Requirements of UK Visa from Pakistan

Before applying vital preparation and documentation management is necessary. Everything applicant entered in application must be synchronized with the documents submitted. Foremost information is reason to visit UK that must be valid to get visa approved.

For Instance: If applicant has written 200,000 incomes in online application that must be synchronized with the income tax returns followed by six month bank statement.

General Requirements UK Visa from Pakistan

Passport current (6 month valid)  and Previous

Passport size photograph for UK

All passports copies with entry/exit/visa stamp

FRC (Family Registration Certificate)

B-form (if applying for children)

6 Months Bank Statement and Account Maintenance Certificate

Covering letter of company or job institution.  

Employment letter if job and salary slips

NOC from Employer (if job)

Leave Certificate (if Job)

Income and proof of all modes of earning

Property documents/ vehicle documents

Flight Ticket (Dummy)

Hotel Reservations (if staying at sponsor address)

NTN certificate along with 3 years tax returns  

Any certification Chamber of commerce (optional)

Invitation letter from sponsor (if visiting family, company)

These requirements are general. However, preparing, synchronizing, and arranging is important aspect to get UK visa approved.

Covering Letter

The covering letter for UK visa is the important document. It must show how enthusiast an applicant is to visit the country for tourism. It must focus on strong ties to your country. Places to visit, dates of travel and complete hotel details should be mentioned in detail.

Bank Statement

The most tricky and most significant document is a bank statement that decides visa approval or rejection.  Six months bank statement is required for a UK visa from Pakistan. Now, the bank statement should synchronize with all the financial requirements the applicant mention in the application.

For Instance, if the applicant has mentioned a salary of Rs. 200,000 its bank statement must show the credit amount of 200,000 every month. If the applicant mentioned a profit of Rs. 1million its account must reflect its monthly income. If any huge amount is deposited in the bank in the past six months, the applicant has to mention the details of that deposit. If the applicant’s salary is 200,000 and it shows a deposit of 500,000 in any month the applicant must explain. It could be sell of property, government bonds, car or anything that is in your tax returns. If possible provide evidence of the document.

How to maintain 6 month bank statement

Unlike the US, Canada, Schengen, UK does not require a huge amount to deposit in the applicant’s account. The amount should be sufficient to cover the expenses of the applicant. Each and every amount deposited or credited in the bank must be justified by the applicant. Any unusual transaction in the statement could lead to visa rejection. Any unusual amount must have an explanation in covering letter. The ending balance from 8 to 10 lakhs is sufficient for a single person. 

If the applicant is a business owner it is difficult for him/her to show the actual profit. Because there are multiple transactions in your business account and it could not justify the monthly income or withdrawal from the account. In order to get it simple, the applicant must transfer an equal sum of amount every month from business to personal account which will state the applicant’s income/salary from the business. This must be ongoing till six months getting bank statements.

Travel history for UK Visa.

Travel history does not matter much in UK Visa. Immigration and visa officers are rational and decide the case for valid reasons. However, 2 to 3 countries visited prior to submitting an application in recent years will give a positive impact.

Total Cost of UK trip

The online application requires the total cost of the trip including hotel, flight, excursions, tours, and daily expenses. 400,000 per person for 7 days is quite reasonable however, it varies from person to person.

Don’t hide any information

It must be kept in mind that hiding any information will lead to straight rejection. The submission of documents and details in the online application should be valid and true. Do not hide any information as they are aware of it already.

Visa on arrival on UK Visa

There are several countries that could be visited if traveler has UK visa from Pakistan.





Turkey Evisa ( could get evisa in 10 minutes through email)

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How to apply Schengen Visa from Pakistan

Schengen visa from Pakistan is challenge for green passport holders. Several queries come to mind before applying. Requirements of Schengen visa from Pakistan is the most important aspect. However, applying for a Schengen visa from Pakistan was never so easy. Preparing documents according to the requirement will get you a Schengen visa easily.

Introduction to Schengen Visa

Schengen is comprised of 26 countries. Getting a visa from any one country allows traveling to all Schegen member countries. However, Italy embassy/consulate and Germany embassy/consulate issued most of the visas to Pakistani travelers.

There are several cases that got approved from the Italian & German Consulate. Regardless of traveling history and tax returns. We have witnessed cases which got approved without submitting vehicle or property documents.

Fees of Schengen Visa

Following is Visa fees of Italian consulate

Adult- 60€

Child 6-12 35€

Following is the Visa Fees of German Consulate

Adult- 80€

Child 6-12 40€

Documents required to apply for Schengen visa from Pakistan

Following are the requirements for successful Schengen Visa

The Visa application form could be filled online or written. Download form Click Here

1. Original Passport & Previous Passports

The Italian embassy requires a new passport with 8 months’ validity and all previous passports. This tells the traveling history of the applicant.

2. C.N.I.C Copy
3. Kids B-form Copy

If the applicant is applying with children, it requires b-form.

4. Children Educational ID

If the child is in School, College, University it is required to attach an ID with the application with a complete institution address.   

5. Four White Background photographs with size 35x45mm – matt finished
6. Last 6 Months Bank Statements

The applicant must submit the bank statement to ensure that he/she can bear all expenses. There is no requirement of minimum balance given by the Italian Consulate. However, it is advised to deposit Rs.500,000 per person. If its family of 3 then Rs.1,500,000 is advised to be in the account when applying. Although, there are many cases that got approved in the minimum balance of Rs.400,000 per person. The applicant can submit bank statements from 2 or 3 banks to comply with the minimum required balance.

7. Account Maintenance Certificate

From all the banks of which bank statement submitted

8. Covering Letter of Company

This is the most important document and your case relies on this. A cover letter is a document in which the applicant state why he wants to travel. Dates of traveling. Schengen countries and cities applicant will visit. Places of interest and complete hotel itinerary.

9. Applicant Visiting Card
10. Applicant Personal N.T.N copy or Company and last three years return file

The writer himself got the visa for the family without any NTN or returns.

11. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
12. Marriage certificate English / Nadra
13. Applicant Email Address & phone number Res/cell
14. In Case Of Employee Three Month Salary Slip
15. Hotel Bookings confirm

All the hotels must be booked and confirmed before submitting an application.

16. Air ticket reserved- The air ticket is a dummy and must be given it as the required travel date.
17. Medical Insurance

Italian Consulate

Italian consulate has given many visas to Pakistani visitors. It is the most beloved consulate among travelers. The Italian consulate has authorized Gerry’s to receive the application on behalf of the Italian consulate.


Appointments must be made prior to submitting a document through their website.

Italian consulate will receive an application through Gerry’s. There should be one appointment for the whole family. Each and every person of the family including children must go to submit documents.


(Regular Timings- 09:00 – 17:00) (Submission- 09:00 – 13:00) (Collection- 13:00 – 16:00)

For booking appointment to submit documents at Gerry’s Click Here

Submitting Documents

When applicants reach Gerry, they will be given a token and they must wait for their turn. A representative will check their documents and ask them to wait for their turn for Biometric. When biometric is done your documents and passport will be sealed and put in an envelope to send to the Italian Consulate.

After submission

After 2 days applicant will receive a text message that your application has been received. Although, response for short term visa is quick in Italian Consulate. If the visa applicant receives a call in 2 or 3 days it means the consulate has rejected the visa. If the applicant does not receive any call in the first week it means the application is under processed. Italy usually takes 15 to 20 days to grant short term visa.

Duration of Schengen Visa

Italian consulate grants visa for 15 days (maximum) to the first time applicant. The Applicant will mention in the form dates of arrival and departures. The visa will be allotted on the particular date that is mentioned on the visa application form.

Myths on issuance Schengen Visa

1. The applicant cannot receive a visa without NTN

2. The covering letter should be lengthy with fantasies and storytelling. However, simple, to the point covering letters are more attractive. The applicant should mention dates, hotels, cities, and countries.

3. Singles do not get visa is yet another myth, however there are many singles who get visa everyday.

4. One has to enter and exit from the visa issuance country. However, the Schengen visa means that you can enter or exit from any Schengen member country. However, port of entry should be from visa issuance country.

5. The applicant must have traveled to several countries before applying. This is true in most cases but if the applicant has strong ties to country Europe could be their first-ever destination. 

German Consulate

The above-given requirements are the same for applying from the German consulate. However, the application and interview will be on same day. The interview date and documents submission required to book an appointment. The German consulate requires an online form. There is an online form. Download the form after filling it. To Fill and download the form Click Here


Karachi Consulate

Opening hours visa section Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 11:00 hrs

Collection of passports Monday to Thursday: 15:00 – 16:00 Friday 12:00 – 13:00 hrs

Islamabad Embassy

Opening hours visa section

Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 12:00 hrs

Collection of passports Tuesday to Thursday: 08:00 hrs

To Book an appointment for submission of documents and interview 

Islamabad and Punjab Resident Click here

Sindh and Balochistan Resident Click here

The Schengen visa consultancy is especially for first time travelers. It also focuses on short term visas for leisure travelers.

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Kyrgyzstan Tourism & Tourist E-Visa from Pakistan

Kyrgyzstan is a non-coastal country in Central Asia. The country shares its border with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, & China. Kyrgyzstan tourist visa required several documents. The tourist visa for Kyrgyzstan from Pakistan was difficult to obtain. However recently, Kyrgyzstan offered easy and guaranteed Tourist E-Visa from Pakistan.

Kyrgyzstan E-Visa from Pakistan

The Kyrgyzstan ministry of foreign affairs introduced an E-visa facility for tourism purposes for Pakistani nationals. Genuine travelers are not required to visit an embassy or consulate to obtain a short term visa. The E-visa facility does not require an appointment or original documents.

Requirements Kyrgyzstan for Visa

1. Travel Document/ Valid Passport for 8 months

2. Debit/ Credit card to make visa payment

3. Scanned copy of documents (Digital Photo & Scanned Passport)

Kyrgyzstan Guaranteed E-Visa type

For tourism purpose, there are two types

1. Single Entry One Month (Visa fee 41.20USD)

2. Single Entry Two Months (Visa fee 51.50USD)

Application Form Kyrgyzstan Guaranteed E-Visa

The Visa can be applied through official government website

The visa is a 5 minutes online process with basic information of applicant and uploading picture and passport. The final process requires online payment through debit or credit card.

Approximate Airfare of Bishkek Kyrgyzstan from Pakistan

The following are the cheapest fares from Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad to Bishkek as on July-2020

Karachi to Bishkek-          $523 (Rs.81,588) Flydubai

Lahore to Bishkek $607 (Rs.94,692) Uzbekistan Airways

Islamabad to Bishkek-     $810 (Rs.126,360) Emirates

The airfare varies from day to day and does not guarantee any fixed rate.

What tourist can do in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a beautifully landscaped country that is surrounded by Tian Shan mountain range and famous for its tourism. The capital Bishkek is the largest city of the Kyrgyzstan. It is 2,600 ft above sea level. The mountain ranges are at height of 15,928 ft. The city is architecture strongly portray soviet style. The vibrant central hub, Bishkek is far away from tourism. It deserves much more appreciation from tourists around the world. The city has much more to offer then you think. The art, tradition, post-soviet anachronism, and scenic beauty are enough to attract travelers around the world.

Ala-Too Square

The square has historical importance, however now it has turned to a tourist place. The square has a fountain, soviet architectural buildings, floral lawns, and a swimming pool for local children. The place is famous among locals to gather around in the evening and enjoy the sunset. The area is famous for its nightlife. Mainly all night clubs and karaoke are within 500m. This is one of the most lively places in Bishkek at night.

Ala-Archa National Park

The park is in the mountainous region and adventurous travelers aim to do hiking in the wonderful place. The beautiful river valley, snow peak mountains, lush green lawns, and stunning flowers are not far from the city. It is just 30 mins drive from the main city to go to a magical place. Tourist escapes from the crowded life of the main city and relaxes in the Ala-Archa National Park. There are various trail options in the park then one can opt for. 

Osh Bazaar

As the name suggests, it’s a traditional bazaar where you can get anything from vegetable to clothing. It is one of the oldest bazaars, locals found there much comfortable buying things instead of big supermarkets.

Asia Mall

The mall is fully operational and has anything that a contemporary mall offers. The mall has a cinema, food courts, locally manufactured garments, coffee shops, cosmetic shops, and home accessories.

Bishkek Park

Another famous mall in Bishkek, offers electronic items, fashion clothing, food, coffee, and bowling. The mall has much more to offer like cinema, money exchange and superstores. It is located in the city center.

Chuy Avenue

Bishkek is famous for its nightlife. This area is full of fun and it doesn’t get closed early. People who are curious about the nightlife of this city must visit this place for pubs and clubs. Chuy Avenue is approximately 1 km away from Alaa-too Square.

Where to Stay in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

The following are the best hotels of Bishkek which has complete amenities and luxuries. All the mentioned hotels are within 1 km from Alaa-too Square and Chuy Avenue that are tourist places and have several options for dine-in and shopping.

Ramada by Wyndham Bishkek Centre

Ramada is the international chain of hotels which provide 4-star accommodations. It’s near the entire tourist place and offers a double room in Approx. $115.

Smart Hotel Bishkek

The hotel is in the city center with an onsite restaurant. The rooms are offered for approx. $110 with complimentary breakfast. All the famous landmarks are near the hotel.

Plaza Hotel Bishkek

The hotel is stylish and unique. However, it is 1km away but the hotel is contemporary with excellent interior. The standard double room with a delicious breakfast is offered at approx. $112

Madison Ave Hotel Bishkek

The hotel offers a standard double room for just $70 with a complimentary breakfast. Although the hotel is a 4-star property, it is 2km away from the city center.

Apartments on main Chuy Avenue & Alaa-too Square

There are several budgeted apartments in the heart of the city with around $40 to $50 per night. The apartments do not have facilities like a star class hotel.  However, single travelers or nomads can rent out the property and save a lot of money. The main advantage of renting an apartment in the center is that it does not require any transportation to walk around. The streets are lively at night and a person can enjoy till late night hours.

How to commute in Bishkek

Taxis are common as any other city in the world. However, the famous places are near to each other so walking around the city is the best idea. There is special minibus transport in the city which is called marshrutkas. This is a cheap and effective way of transportation in Bishkek.

Safety in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan


The city is marked safe and secure. There is a low crime rate in the city. However, some street crimes, pickpocketing and other travelers scam are general in the tourist area. These crimes can be avoided by staying vigilant.

For free visa, consultancy write to us at Contact Us

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Malaysia my second home (MM2H)

Malaysia is getting popular every passing day among immigrants. Several people are moving to Malaysia due to its economic growth. There are various opportunities in Malaysia and citizens of other countries in Far-East Asia are considering Malaysia my second home (MM2H). The Malaysian tourism and immigration department has announced the scheme for expats to live in Malaysia for 10 years under (MM2H) program. However, this does not mean immigrants will have access to Malaysian citizenship or passport. It is just permission for an extended stay for all citizens in the world recognized by Malaysia. The MM2H is renewable after 10 years. 

Eligibility for Malaysia my Second Home (MM2H)

Anyone can apply for MM2H, one must comply with all requirements. The applicant applying from their country must be recognized by Malaysia. Israel, Montenegro and Yugoslavia citizens cannot apply for MM2H. The MM2H is discrimination-free and anyone can apply regardless of their, race, creed, religion, ethnicity, gender and age. An applicant is allowed to bring spouse, children unmarried and under 21, and parents aged above 60. As this program does not provide citizenship hence, the requirements are quite simple.

Requirements for Applying Malaysia my second home (MM2H)

There are simply two categories for applying MM2H. The applicant will fall in any one of the categories.

1. Younger than 50 years.

2. 50 Years and above

The requirements for both the category are almost the same, however, there will be a difference in financial criteria. 

Younger than 50 years applying MM2H

Applicants who are under 50 years have the following conditions. The applicant must hire a recognized agent to pursue the application. The applicant will be required to gather all the important documents needed for MM2H.

The applicant will have to deposit a sum on RM 500,000 (Rs.18,545,000) in their own country’s bank account. This is the foremost requirement to get MM2H. One cannot withdraw this amount from the bank until the application for MM2H is approved.  

The applicant must show a salary or profit of RM 10,000 (Rs.379,000) per month. This monthly salary or business profit must be shown in applicants 3 months bank statement. This is proof that you are not a liability to your country and will contribute to Malaysia’s economy. 

50 years & above applying for MM2H

The criteria and requirements are the same; however, there is a difference in financial criteria. The liquid assets in applicants country must be RM 350,000 (Rs.12,981,500). However, the proof of salary or business profit will remain the same RM 10,000 per month.

Fixed Deposit in Bank Account in Malaysia (MM2H)

After the MM2H approval, the financial criteria will require to open a fixed deposit bank account in Malaysia. The banks must have local branches such as Standard Chartered Bank & HSBC. The sum of RM 300,000 will be deposited as a fixed amount in the bank by under 50 years applicant.

It is allowed for the applicant under 50 years to withdraw RM 150,000 from the fix deposit account after one year. The amount could be withdrawn for rental, education, health or other need. However, RM 150,000 from the second year must be fixed in the bank until the remaining period in Malaysia. This is the most important financial requirement of Malaysia my second home. 

After the approval of the program of 50 years and above, the successful candidate will have to open a fixed deposit account of RM150,000. The amount of RM 75,000 could be withdrawn from the bank after the first year. However, the remaining balance will be fixed until the stay. 

The applicant will receive interest on the deposited amount from 3% to 4% per anum. 

Documentation for MM2H

A covering letter from applicant describing family detail, job or business detail, interest in MM2H

Latest Resume/ CV 

MM2H application form of Applicant, Spouse, and Children

4 Colored Photograph of each applicant

Copy of all Pages of Passport (must be certified)

Certified Marriage Certificate (if applying for spouse)

Certified Birth Certificate for applied children 

Certified Bank Statement of Last 3 Months 

All Financial Documents Stating Liquid Assets

Certified copies of proof of profitability of the business, salary slips.

Any other documents evidence of proof of income rental properties, dividends, profit sharing,

Police and Criminal Certificate


Approval of MM2H

After submitting all documents in true form, it could take around 4 to 5 months in approval. The documents must be completed and complied properly. If the applicant has complied with all the requirements there are 99% chances of case approval. However, we do not guarantee any success. 

Arrival in Malaysia 

Once the approval is issued one can arrive in Malaysia. It is required to rent or buy a house before reaching the destination. 

Submitting Other Documents to Immigration

Once the applicant arrived in Malaysia there are some formalities that one has to consider before settling down. These are the following documents that must be submitted to the immigration department. 

FD Certificate

It will be issued to the applicant once he/she opened a bank account and did a fixed deposit of RM 300,000 & RM 150,000 according to their criteria that are already discussed above. 

Medical Certificate

It is mandatory for every applicant for living in Malaysia to get medical insurance. 

Medical Report

After getting medical insurance all family members of the applicant must visit a local doctor and get a wellness certificate. All these documents will be submitted by your agent. 

Get an MM2H Visa Stamp on Passport that Endorses as Malaysia My Second Home

After submitting all documents Malaysian Immigration will stamp an MM2H visa on your passport. However, the applicant must pay the fee of Social Visit Pass RM 90 per year + MEV visa fee

The MM2H renewable Visa will be issued according to the expiry of Passport. 

The agent’s work is to accelerate the visa stamp at the MM2H Immigration Department.

Benefits of applying Malaysia My Second Home

There are several benefits of applying MM2H. After the approval applicant and family can enjoy a stay in Malaysia for ten years. They would be allowed multiple entry and exit from the country. The applicant can buy a freehold house in Malaysia.

However, state approval is required before buying a hassle-free property. They can even apply for a bank loan. The MM2h program is renewable after 10 years. The applicant can import a car of his own from his/her country after permit. There will be no duty applied in importing a car from the country. The applicant can also purchase a locally manufactured car in Malaysia without taxes.

Work/Job/Business under Malaysia my second home (MM2H)

Only 50 years and above are permits to work for 20 hours a week in Malaysia in the MM2H program. The applicant can do work with certain work skills and certain working sectors. 

The MM2H encouraged to set up a small business or invest in other businesses in Malaysia. They will be treated like other foreign investors. However, the MM2H visa holder is not allowed to participate in the day to day activities of the business. If the MM2H visa holder wants active involvement in the business they must change their visa to Work Permit. 

After 10 Years MM2H Visa Expiry

The applicant can easily renew their visa. This time it will be a lot easier and hassle-free. The applicant can apply the MM2H months before its expiry. 

Top 5 opportunities in Malaysia

The main purpose to move in Malaysia is not just a residence. One must start a business in Malaysia. Being one of the financial and commercial hubs in South-East Asia, Malaysia has tremendous opportunities. Due to its demographic settings, it is much more centered for business than its neighbors. The following are the opportunities in Malaysia which require a small investment. 

1. Travel Agency

Several people in Malaysia travel in and out of the country. There are business and leisure travelers. All the neighboring countries are a friend and visa-free. Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand are mainly attracted to the Malaysian economy. Many budgeted airlines run between these countries. However, directly and indirectly, travel agencies are highly required in Malaysia. 

2. Tourism 

Malaysia “Truly Asia” is one of the world’s most visited countries. It ranked among the top 10 visited country by tourists. There are many tours in the country in the city and out of the city. Even building a hotel is the most profitable business in Malaysia.

3. Fashion

Malaysians have a passion for fashion. People spent a lot on fashion and they care how they look. There are various malls and shopping markets in Malaysia. Opening a fashion outlet or designer wear can make a profit in Malaysia.

4. Restaurants

Malaysia is a tourist country, and even Malaysian like to dine out. There is a good opportunity in setting up a restaurant in Malaysia. Cuisines from your country can grab attention from many tourists as well as locals. A specialty from your country can attract several customers. 

5. Smartphone and PC technicians

However, it’s a technical business but has a great market. Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives and so in Malaysia. As the market for cell phones increased the opportunities also open for smartphone technicians. There are never-ending problems create by users, and solving them earns you a lot. This business required the lowest investment and infrastructure. 

MYEXPAT is the registered and authorized agent by the ministry of tourism and immigration in Malaysia. 

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How to go to Canada from Pakistan in 20 days.

Easiest way: How to get a US visa (detailed guide)

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How to go to Canada from Pakistan in 20 days.

Going to Canada from Pakistan in 20 days is not difficult. However, we just need to follow some instructions and get a guaranteed Canada visa for students.

Type of Visa Faster Study Permit (20 days)

Two ways of submitting Canadian visa

Paper Application


How to get Study Visa of Canada from Pakistan

The first step to get visa is to pay visa fees. Canada encourages paying visa fees online through debit card or credit card.

 Fees $CAN 150 = Pkr 18,000

 Biometrics $CAN 85 = 10,200

This is an individual fee. Kindly pay special attention to your fee application once a fee is paid will not be refunded. Pakistan is one of the countries that can get Canada Visa in 20 days through direct stream visa. It’s a completely online process and does not require any paper documentation. For primary or secondary program applicant should apply for Canada visa six months in advance. For post-secondary, college and university one year advance admission is required.

Checklist how to go Canada

Following is the checklist on How to get a Canada visa for students. (Eligibility requirements)

1.Student must be from Pakistan, as they are eligible for the faster study visa.

2.Acceptance letter from the university, college and school applied for.

3.The institute must be designated.

4. Paid fees Chalan of University for 1st year.

5.You should not be living in Canada when applying for a study permit.

6. You have to invest in Canada for $CAN =10,000 that is Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).

7. Medical exams must be cleared by the applicant. The medical exam could be given in IOM Migration Health Assessment Center. These centers are in Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore.

8. The applicant must submit a police character certificate.

9. Proof of income support and sponsor.

10. Valid passport or travel documents.

11. Answer the entire question in the application form.

Click here for complete check list

How to apply online E-Application to go Canada

You will need a scanner or a camera to upload your documents electronically. You will also need a valid debit or credit card to pay online.

Complete the online form and validate it. Your passport must be valid. We suggest providing a fresh passport so visa validity is given till the expiry date.

Submitting Biometrics for Canadian Visa

Soon after applying, the applicant must go for biometrics to Gerry’s Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. You are required to take online submitted fee slips and passports to get biometrics. An applicant has 30 days to get biometric done. For biometric applicant must take an appointment from an authorized Canadian immigration website. The biometric is valid for 10 years. 

Spouse and Children Visa for Applicants

Spouse and children of the applicant can also get Canadian visa faster. Applicants should follow the same steps to complete the application for them. When an applicant fills information they must mention their spouse and children. They will get visa accordingly.

Processing Canadian visa permit

After applying and biometric the Canadian Immigration will process study permit. Although, as of now the faster way is introduced. This facility is for some nationalities. Pakistan is one of them and the applicant can get a study permit in 20 days.

eTA Electronic Travel Authorization to go Canada

Remember your study permit is not your visa and you cannot enter Canada without eTA. After getting a study permit applicant has to apply for eTA which usually comes early. However, in some cases, it takes few days. After a study permit is issued your visa or eTA will be approved.

How long one can stay in Canada on a study permit

The study permit will be valid until one has completed its course or degree program. There is a facility for extending study permits. However, if the study permit is expired and the program/course/degree has not completed even then one has to leave Canada or extend its permit. If a person completed its study program before expiring of the study permit, he will have just 90 days to leave Canada. No matter how much limit the study permit has. One can go to its country before completing a degree program. 

Can Student work in Canada

International students are allowed to work in Canada. Students can work on campus and off-campus. However, a person can only work for 20 hours a week. The student must be a full-time post-secondary student. If the work permit expires you can’t continue to work. Even if you are not a full-time student you are not allowed to work. 

Social Insurance number

A student must get a nine-digit social insurance number. The student will get benefits and services from the government of Canada. This number is the identity of the student and has many benefits. Canada is a sparsely populated country. It has a lot to offer to students. However, one must get whole information about opportunities in Canada. 

If you have any questions regarding study permit in Canada feel free to ask. 

Make an account on Canadian immigration website right now to get your study permit. Click here

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Easiest way: How to get a US visa (detailed guide)

There are several articles on the internet like easiest ways to get a US visa. However this article will not make you daydream, but providing correct pathway to follow in order to get a US visa. A US visa is a dream of many people around the world. This article will help to get a visa if you are a true leisure or business traveler. The following are the important steps to follow before getting a US Visa.

A valid reason to travel US

This is the most important part of filling a form, as well as in your interview. The first question that arrives from visa officer is “Why you want to go to America”. Most of the people reply “it’s my dream”, “I like US”, etc. Keep in mind that they know everything about you and they have complete information about you. By the time you reach for an interview visa officer has taken 70% of his decision. So, do not lie anything and be straight forward. Leisure and business travelers could have the following valid reasons to travel.

1.Visiting friend or family

2.Particular cities you want to visit e.g. statue of liberty, Miami beaches, Orlando Disney Land and Universal studio, Anaheim Disney and Universal studio.

3.Any particular festival, event that you bought online ticket of. E.g. the burning man. 

4.If it is a business travel complete details of organization visiting.

5.It could be a business meeting but taking family together for leisure. 

Documentation for US Visa

Unlike Schengen countries, Australia, UK, and Canada the DS160 does not require piles of documentation. US consulate in your city has all the information about you, they have all access. SO, all the documents you are planning to take along you should be “TRUE” and in good faith.

While you select your interview you are just asked to bring all passports, DS-160 form, interview appointment page and nothing else. However, it is also mentioned that you can bring any documents to support your visa application. People take along car registration paper, house lease, bank statements, hotel bookings, and flight bookings. The writer has prepared several cases regarding US visa and most of the time those documents are irrelevant. 

We advise you to book hotels online with free cancelation, to ensure visa officer about your traveling dates and place. 

Traveling History

There are number applicants who get visa on their fresh passport; however, we do not advise to go with a fresh passport. If you are a leisure traveler your passport should show some colorful pages. You cannot wake up one fine morning and start traveling to the US without any travel history. A businessman could go for a meeting or any seminar but leisure traveler has so much to do before visiting US. So, it is advised to visit at least three countries before applying to US visa. Whether it’s, Schengen, Canada, UK, US, Australia or New Zealand travel history is the main source to get a visa.

Reapplying after Rejection

Most applicants get dishearten and lose hope because of not getting a visa. Things do not remain same always. The problem with visa officer is while rejecting your application they do not tell you the reason or if the tell the reason is vague. Self-assessment is necessary to though for the reason. No consular or expert can guide you why your application got rejected because they were not present at the time of the interview. Self-evaluation is the key to know the reason think and write all the points that may go negative in your case. 

It is important to correct all the necessary mistakes that you have done in your previous application and then apply again. Some desperate people apply soon after the rejection that leads to another rejection. This is somewhat now true that twice rejected means your application result will be the same for another 15 years. So, make sure to change as many things in your application.

Changes should be made before reapplying for US Visa

1.Change your current job maybe that does not show strong ties to come back to the country.

2.If you don’t have traveling history start traveling.

3.Maybe you don’t own a house and you are rented so first you need to own a house.

4.It’s possible that you didn’t mention your relatives and close friend in your application and they knew about it. 

5.Change your account statement maybe it does not reflect that you can afford a trip.

Do’s & don’t apply for US visa


1.Always tell truth

2.Tell about your friends and relatives in US, even if you are not visiting them.

3.The reason to travel should not be changed in application form and interview.

4.Upload your latest picture in DS-160 form

5.If applying with children, dates to travel should be in summer or winter vacations


1. Don’t lie about your job, residence, marital status, children, and intention to travel.

2.Questioning interviewer is not a good idea

3.Desperation could lead to rejection

4.Do not apply for the visa if your case is pending in immigration.

5.Do not apply for a visa if you faced rejection recently. You need to identify your error before reapply. 

6.Never like the post and share any negative comments about the US on social media. 

One thing after getting a visa one should keep in mind that the visa will not guarantee you to enter the United States of America; it will just allow you to leave your country and enter into US airports for immigration. In our next article, we will discuss why the US visa is not guaranteed to enter the country