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How to apply Schengen Visa from Pakistan

Schengen visa from Pakistan is challenge for green passport holders. Several queries come to mind before applying. Requirements of Schengen visa from Pakistan is the most important aspect. However, applying for a Schengen visa from Pakistan was never so easy. Preparing documents according to the requirement will get you a Schengen visa easily.

Introduction to Schengen Visa

Schengen is comprised of 26 countries. Getting a visa from any one country allows traveling to all Schegen member countries. However, Italy embassy/consulate and Germany embassy/consulate issued most of the visas to Pakistani travelers.

There are several cases that got approved from the Italian & German Consulate. Regardless of traveling history and tax returns. We have witnessed cases which got approved without submitting vehicle or property documents.

Fees of Schengen Visa

Following is Visa fees of Italian consulate

Adult- 60€

Child 6-12 35€

Following is the Visa Fees of German Consulate

Adult- 80€

Child 6-12 40€

Documents required to apply for Schengen visa from Pakistan

Following are the requirements for successful Schengen Visa

The Visa application form could be filled online or written. Download form Click Here

1. Original Passport & Previous Passports

The Italian embassy requires a new passport with 8 months’ validity and all previous passports. This tells the traveling history of the applicant.

2. C.N.I.C Copy
3. Kids B-form Copy

If the applicant is applying with children, it requires b-form.

4. Children Educational ID

If the child is in School, College, University it is required to attach an ID with the application with a complete institution address.   

5. Four White Background photographs with size 35x45mm – matt finished
6. Last 6 Months Bank Statements

The applicant must submit the bank statement to ensure that he/she can bear all expenses. There is no requirement of minimum balance given by the Italian Consulate. However, it is advised to deposit Rs.500,000 per person. If its family of 3 then Rs.1,500,000 is advised to be in the account when applying. Although, there are many cases that got approved in the minimum balance of Rs.400,000 per person. The applicant can submit bank statements from 2 or 3 banks to comply with the minimum required balance.

7. Account Maintenance Certificate

From all the banks of which bank statement submitted

8. Covering Letter of Company

This is the most important document and your case relies on this. A cover letter is a document in which the applicant state why he wants to travel. Dates of traveling. Schengen countries and cities applicant will visit. Places of interest and complete hotel itinerary.

9. Applicant Visiting Card
10. Applicant Personal N.T.N copy or Company and last three years return file

The writer himself got the visa for the family without any NTN or returns.

11. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
12. Marriage certificate English / Nadra
13. Applicant Email Address & phone number Res/cell
14. In Case Of Employee Three Month Salary Slip
15. Hotel Bookings confirm

All the hotels must be booked and confirmed before submitting an application.

16. Air ticket reserved- The air ticket is a dummy and must be given it as the required travel date.
17. Medical Insurance

Italian Consulate

Italian consulate has given many visas to Pakistani visitors. It is the most beloved consulate among travelers. The Italian consulate has authorized Gerry’s to receive the application on behalf of the Italian consulate.


Appointments must be made prior to submitting a document through their website.

Italian consulate will receive an application through Gerry’s. There should be one appointment for the whole family. Each and every person of the family including children must go to submit documents.


(Regular Timings- 09:00 – 17:00) (Submission- 09:00 – 13:00) (Collection- 13:00 – 16:00)

For booking appointment to submit documents at Gerry’s Click Here

Submitting Documents

When applicants reach Gerry, they will be given a token and they must wait for their turn. A representative will check their documents and ask them to wait for their turn for Biometric. When biometric is done your documents and passport will be sealed and put in an envelope to send to the Italian Consulate.

After submission

After 2 days applicant will receive a text message that your application has been received. Although, response for short term visa is quick in Italian Consulate. If the visa applicant receives a call in 2 or 3 days it means the consulate has rejected the visa. If the applicant does not receive any call in the first week it means the application is under processed. Italy usually takes 15 to 20 days to grant short term visa.

Duration of Schengen Visa

Italian consulate grants visa for 15 days (maximum) to the first time applicant. The Applicant will mention in the form dates of arrival and departures. The visa will be allotted on the particular date that is mentioned on the visa application form.

Myths on issuance Schengen Visa

1. The applicant cannot receive a visa without NTN

2. The covering letter should be lengthy with fantasies and storytelling. However, simple, to the point covering letters are more attractive. The applicant should mention dates, hotels, cities, and countries.

3. Singles do not get visa is yet another myth, however there are many singles who get visa everyday.

4. One has to enter and exit from the visa issuance country. However, the Schengen visa means that you can enter or exit from any Schengen member country. However, port of entry should be from visa issuance country.

5. The applicant must have traveled to several countries before applying. This is true in most cases but if the applicant has strong ties to country Europe could be their first-ever destination. 

German Consulate

The above-given requirements are the same for applying from the German consulate. However, the application and interview will be on same day. The interview date and documents submission required to book an appointment. The German consulate requires an online form. There is an online form. Download the form after filling it. To Fill and download the form Click Here


Karachi Consulate

Opening hours visa section Monday to Friday: 8:30 – 11:00 hrs

Collection of passports Monday to Thursday: 15:00 – 16:00 Friday 12:00 – 13:00 hrs

Islamabad Embassy

Opening hours visa section

Monday to Friday: 8:00 – 12:00 hrs

Collection of passports Tuesday to Thursday: 08:00 hrs

To Book an appointment for submission of documents and interview 

Islamabad and Punjab Resident Click here

Sindh and Balochistan Resident Click here

The Schengen visa consultancy is especially for first time travelers. It also focuses on short term visas for leisure travelers.

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