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How Travel will Change after Covid-19

Traveling around the world would never be the same as it used to be because travel will change after covid-19. Although there is an ease in lock-down throughout the world, still the intimidation of coronavirus hasn’t disappeared. The surge in infected people has significantly increased around the world. The economies have already been devastated and mankind has suffered a lot during covid-19. However, the question still rises among people that How travel will change after Covid-19. Tourism and traveling have always been the backbone of economies around the world.

Traveling in Covid-19

Experts around the world do not see tourists and travelers any time soon. However, many countries are planning to start their tourism industry to support their economy. Countries that are solely dependent upon tourism have faced an expedition in unemployment and they can’t wait to resume their tourism. For now, people who are stuck in other countries are traveling to their loved ones or home.

There are special international flights around the world that are accommodating travelers to reach their home countries or countries of temporary residence. However, there are travelers and tourists who are waiting for ease of travel restrictions. According to experts and WHO, covid-19 will remain around the world for upcoming years. The only way to avoid covid-19 is to follow the safety steps given by WHO. If passengers will wear masks properly there would be fewer chances of spreading the virus. Covid-19 has adversely impacted on global tourism.

Thermal Check at Airport

Covid19 Testing and Vaccination as Visa requirement

There is already a number of documents green passport holders have to submit as a visa requirement. Currently, there are many countries that require a polio vaccination certificate as a travel visa requirement. There would be an additional travel requirement of Covid-19 testing. An additional requirement of vaccination cards will also be required once the vaccination of covid-19 will be available around the world.

Covid-19 Testing

Preparing & Packing luggage: How Travel Will Change in Covid19

Face masks, sanitizer, hand gloves, wipes, disinfectant are some of the must things one must carry when traveling in Covid-19. Hygiene and sanitization stuff will become most prioritized while packing for traveling. Even after the pandemic, people will follow the sanitization process while traveling. Due to the environment of an aircraft, passengers are more vulnerable and prone to different viruses. According to research, colds are 113 times more expected to be spread on an aircraft.

Accordingly to the research in 2018, passengers are habitual of leaving their setas—usually to use the toilet or take things from the overhead cabin—during flights. Respiratory viruses like covid-19 are spread in the air in tiny, dry particles known as aerosols. These particles can easily survive in an aircraft.

Airport Experience: How Travel Will Change After Covid19

Most of us are well aware of how much human interaction is required at the airport before you start your journey. Spending time at an airport will never be the same as before. Starting from entering, the security staff will check the body temperature. Before covid-19 our passports and tickets were the most initial things that used to be checked while entering an airport. After checking body temperature the immigration queue will be much more than before because of social distancing. The lobby will have seats but you will not be allowed to sit close to each other. One seat will remain empty after another. Using restrooms at the airport will never be as relaxing as before. According to research, in New York, covid-19 spread through public restrooms. Passengers have to be vigilant while taken any step.

Airport Lobby

Airline rules and regulation changed after Covid-19

After the call for boarding the passengers would not mingle to get into the aircraft. Passengers will wait for their turns to avoid the crowd. You may not see the smiling faces of the crew because of their face covered by the masks and shields. You will also miss the well-groomed personalities wearing uniforms because they will be wearing PPE (personal protection equipment). Nothing will be the same as it was before covid-19. You will have to be cautious before touching anything in the aircraft due to the infection. Passengers should use their own sanitization to avoid contacting with covid-19. Passengers have to wear masks throughout their journey since they left their homes.

Disinfecting plane Picture Courtesy: Emirates Airline

The journey will not be as pleasant as it used to be before covid-19. After boarding the plane, the crew will offer a complimentary hygiene pack which will have masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and other safety stuff that would be required in your journey.

Landing on destination: How Travel Will Change After Covid-19

While landing to the destination after so much trouble, passengers will be checked again for their body temperatures. They will not be allowed to enter free if they have temperatures anywhere near 100oF.

It would become a highly debatable subject in the near future. Since my traveling, I have witnessed that due to tiredness and fatigue of long-haul flight passengers feel a bit rise in body temperature that is usually gone within a day.


Sometimes a single dose of paracetamol works miraculously.
However, in the current scenario if passenger temperature rises anywhere around 100F he/she would be in problem. The passenger will face isolation and he/she has to go for covid-19 testing for clearance. Many countries have the rule to quarantine for 14 days once you land.

Hotel Check-in: How Traveling will change after Covid-19

Covid-19 has mostly affected the tourism industry. Ease in lockdown has allowed many businesses to resume. However, the tourism industry is and will be the last one to bring into consideration.

While guests will check-in the hotel staff will ensure the rooms remain perfectly cleaned and disinfected. The priority of the hotel staff was the hospitality of guests, cozy rooms, classic interior, scrumptious food, pools, and other amenities. However, now the main focus of both hotel management and guest is hygiene and safety standards to avoid contacting covid-19. Most probably hotel management will provide a hygiene and safety pack for its guest.

Conclusion on how traveling will change after Covid-19

Now the question arises whether our travel enthusiasts are ready to go through this rigorous process to reach their destination?
Traveling was more about enjoying, relaxing, and peace from rambunctious and miserable working life. However, it seems like for the sake of tourism it is difficult to go through all this risky process.

Deserted Airport due to Covid-19

For now, the flights are uncertain with lots of cancellations and reschedules. Travelers are postponing their trips due to much trouble. We hope to see when this situation will get normal and tourists will start traveling.
Kindly comment below to tell when you will start traveling or if you have recently traveled what was your experience.

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