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Isfanbul a Theme Park in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its history, architecture, culture, and tradition. The country stuns tourists with its magical sightseeing. The city has maintained its glory and magnificence among the tourists for several decades.  However, the contemporary side of the city has a skyline, cafes, malls, and other modern tourist attractions. Isfanbul theme park in Istanbul is one of the modern-day attractions of the city. Istanbul previously lacks amusement parks and thrilling attractions; however Isfanbul theme park brings a new joy and activity. Let’s discover an award-winning Isfanbul Theme park through my blog.

Isfanbul Vialand
Isfanbul Vialand

Entry & Ticket of Isfanbul Theme Park

The park opens at 10.30 am for the whole day till 6.00 pm.

Ticket Prices are in Turkish Lira

Adult- 159

Child (4years-14years) – 149

Senior Citizens Age 60 & above- 149

Infant 0-3 years – free entry

The above-given prices are at the entrance counter of the Isfanbul. However, there are several deals and online ticket options that could be booked in advance at attractive prices. Tourists must do some research before going to the park and get some good online coupon deals for buying Isfanbul tickets. Online tickets will save both time and cost.

Isfanbul Theme park

The Isfanbul theme park is covered with several dining options, along with a shopping mall. This is a complete entertainment zone for every age. Isfanbul is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend and for tourists a must go with families. The park has an area of 600,000 and tourists have started comparing it with European style theme parks. Although, it could not be ranked as Disney Land Paris, being a local entertainment venture Isfanbul has everything that a theme park could offer. The park has 3D rides and amusement rides. Isfanbul is lively and full of fun.

This is the only theme park in Istanbul and even nearby cities. Isfanbul is situated in the hilly area of Istanbul which provides a lovely landscape and ambiance. The entrance of the park resembles the fairy tale castle of Disney Land. The excitement is on its peak before entering to the magical Isfanbul via land Theme Park.

Isfunbul Vialand
Isfanbul Vialand

Eatery and Dine-in Isfanbul Theme park

There are several dining options inside and outside the Park. Burger King is right in front of the entrance outside the ticket counter. There are small kiosks of Turkish Ice cream and they fascinate people with their famous serving tricks.

3D Rides Isfanbul Theme park

While entering the park, the first ride that seeks attention is the Angry Birds 4D ride. The staff provides free 3D glasses to enjoy the ride. The ride time is 20 min. The other best 3D experience is an Ice Age ride. This ride also has stimulation along with 3D effects. The rides entertain adults and young together. Families do not have to wait for their children outside.

Isfunbul Vialand
Isfanbul Vialand

Amusement rides Isfanbul Theme park

Carousel is a must ride for theme park and it’s at the main entrance. Children start their journey with the traditional ride. There is a thrilling roller coaster which an adult amusement. Screams and shouts from the visitors gave more attention to the ride. There are several crazy and thrilling rides like 360, and King Kong. One must not miss The Viking the log slide that throws you down to the water. The amusement section is full crazy along with drop tower that first makes you see the aerial view of Istanbul and then drop u down to the ground. Little explorer is the amusement section for kids. Children can enjoy several short rides in this area. The area is decorated beautifully to attract children. This section is vibrant and looks like a magical fairy tale.

Once Upon a Time in Istanbul

This area has some unique Turkish architecture along with some ancient shops. Tourists enjoy different souvenirs shops and taste Turkish cuisine. There are some carpet shops in this section. The area is covered with old roman architecture roads and streets. It connects to the other amusement area. The theme park is well designed and maintained.

Isfanbul-Once upon a time in Istanbul

Isfanbul Shopping Mall

The Isfanbul Shopping Mall is right at the entrance of Theme Park Area before the ticket counter. After a long day at Isfanbul people can check out the shopping mall and enjoy dinner. The shuttle service area is just near to the shopping mall. The mall has all the famous brands along with mart and pharmacy. There are some local brands options that attract foreign travelers. Chay Tea, Burger King, CHOCO KEYF, BEREKET DÖNER, and Mc Donald are some dine-in options in the mall.

Shuttle Service for Isfanbul Theme Park

The Isfanbul theme park provides a shuttle service from 16 various points in Istanbul. These shuttles are clean comfortable and complete free of cost. However, tourists must get exact information by calling the information desk. The shuttle service starts at 10.00 in the morning till the closing hours.

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