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Istiklal Street Istanbul Blog

Istiklal caddesi or Istiklal Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul. The street is highly crowded with an average of 3 million visitors a day. The crowded Istiklal Street has multiple shops, stalls, museums, pubs, night clubs, and restaurants. Istiklal Street is also known as the cultural and social center in Istanbul. This 1.4 km Street has everything that attracts local and foreign visitors. The Street has hotels and hostels for tourists. It is also easily accessible through Eminonu square and reconnects by funicular.


Nostalgic Istiklal Street

The nostalgic Istiklal Street is on the touristic hub Taksim. The area is popular among tourists. The street is on the European side of Istanbul. Istiklal Street has European architecture buildings which are now motels, night clubs, restaurants or shops. It is also famous for its old heritage 18th-century tram which is still functional. The trams pass from the middle of the street ringing its nostalgic bell.

Entertainment on Istiklal Street

Restaurants on Istiklal Street

There are multiple Turkish food restaurants on Istiklal Street along with foreign fast-food chains.

1. Leb-i Derya

As the name suggests, the restaurant overlooks the Bosphorus strait and visitors enjoy scrumptious Turkish food with wonderful ambiance.

2.Mekan a Turkish restaurant

It is the most famous among locals. The menu offers all traditional items. The specialty of this restaurant is Lamb.

3. Lades Restaurant

The restaurant is similar to other Turkish cafes. The generous staff is always helping visitors to select best selling dishes from their menu.

4. Mado

It is a famous bakery and fast-food chain which offers multiple desert and food options. It also has fresh bakery items satisfying huger.

5. Hafız Mustafa 1864

Visiting Istanbul is incomplete without trying Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Delight. The atmosphere, Turkish kava, and famous baklava is not to be missed by any means. They are mostly famous for their famous Turkish Kunafah which is extremely delicious.

6. 360 Istanbul

As suggested by the name, the restaurant provides a 360 degree view of Istanbul. The modern penthouse serves contemporary Turkish meze. The weekend is special with DJs.

7. ADA cafe Istiklal

It is the small cafe in the middle on the street with contemporary design and modern food.

There is Burger King, Mc Donalds, KFC and other local fast food options available on the street. The Famous Turkish ice creams are also served on the street.

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Night Life of Istiklal Street

The lively Istiklal street serves till 3.00 in the morning. There are several activities on the street at night. When famous Sultan Ahmet and other popular areas of Istanbul sleeps the Istiklal welcomes its visitors. The street has night clubs, pubs and hookah bars along with karaoke.

Night Life at Istiklal
1. Salsanat Club

Salsanat club is a music club on the street. With loud and noise-making fun at night. However, visitors must be aware of scams. Everything is charged, nothing is free even if you just ask someone to hold your jacket they are going to charge it. Be very careful it is overpriced.

2. Taksim Club IQ

Disco, entertainment, fun and full of nightlife. Taksim Club IQ is famous night club in Taksim area it is footsteps from Istiklal Street. However, clubs and bars all over the world try to rip off customers and scam them. They even try to charge you things you never ordered but its completely upon the customer how they restrict themselves and enjoy in budgeted amount.

3. Club Olimpia

The place is classy modern with perfect night club ambiance. It is a perfect place to enjoy with friends on the weekend the place is crowded. Always ask for the price and do not use anything you dint order.

Clubs & Bars Istiklal
4. Montreal Bar and Cafe

It’s a small bar on the lively street serving drinks with karaoke. The bar has a nice cozy atmosphere and locals prefer going to this bar for budgeted drinks. The bar has no complaints about any scam and the staff is friendly.

Shopping on Istiklal Street

There are multiple clothing brands, handbags accessories, shoes and perfumes shops on Istiklal Street. The shops are both local vendors and international brands. This is the best place for shopping after malls. There are several souvenir shops and t-shirts written I love Istanbul.

Shopping at Istiklal Street
International Brands

Some of the international brands include Lacoste, Diesel, Addidas, Swatch, Accessorize, Mango, H&M, Levis, Nike, Zara, MAC etc.

Turkish Brands and Local Unbranded Shops

The other famous Turkish brands also presented include Koton, Flormar, Bambi etc.

There are some local shop vendors sell unbranded clothes like SNR shop, collectionize, sortie accessorize, Benny, Collins, cobalt, Todors, Mavi, Flo etc.

Local Perfumes Shops

Istiklal Street has local perfume manufacturers that have the best fragrance perfumes that are less than $20 and lasting is for 12 hours visitors must try these locally manufactured perfumes. Bloci, Loris Perfume, and D&P are one of the best local perfume manufacturers of this street.

Nevizade on Istiklal Street


This street is connected from the middle of Istiklal Street. The energetic ambiance offers bars, fish restaurants, cafes, meyhanes, and much more. This narrow street has something special vibes that make you enjoy the European side of Istanbul. A visit to Istiklal might not be complete without enjoying and roaming around this street.

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