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Dubai Expo 2020: What to expect

On November 27, 2013, The Bureau International des Exposition general assembly awarded world Expo 2020 to Dubai. Starting from 20th October 2020, Dubai will host the world’s biggest Expo for 173 days. The Dubai Expo 2020 will be beyond expectations. However, the common man is still confused this article will make it easy to understand Expo 2020. It will be the biggest event held in the Middle East to date.

What to expect in Dubai Expo 2020

There will be 192 countries participating in the event. Each country’s place will be called the Pavilion. It’s going to be open for more than 15 hours 7 days a week. There will be around 200 plus restaurants serving from different parts of the world. Every day visitors will witness approximately 60 live shows. The aim of world Expo 2020 is to build mind connectivity, creating future, sustainability and creating opportunities.

The world under one roof in Dubai Expo 2020

192 countries around the world are going to exhibit in their pavilion, however, it will not be possible to visit all of them in a single day. Every pavilion will have opportunities for interested people.

Investment opportunities

You will have a fair idea about what a country has to offer. Discovering new places that you have never thought of would motivate the investor to invest in terms of property, industry, import or export. Many countries will offer their nationalities and citizenship if the investor buys the property or invest a particular amount in governments bonds.

Experiencing the future

There will be lots of innovations and future tech ideas that will astonish visitors. Around the world, there innovative ideas and planning will execute in Expo 2020. It will be a unique experience for visitors to enjoy the true future. 5G connectivity, hyper loops traveling, 3d printing and building art will be among the future techs exhibition.

World-class architecture

Different and unique architecture will be displayed by famous architectures. The pavilions themselves will the state of art. Each pavilion will be designed uniquely and fascinatingly. These designs are never used before.

Flavors of the world

Your taste buds will witness different spices, recipes, and traditional dishes from around the world. This will be one of kind experience. We are expecting to see 200 restaurants and the most famous chefs who will serve visitors. These chefs and restaurants will be famous in their respective countries which will be presented under one roof.

Live events and performances

World’s biggest performances will last for 173 days in Expo 2020. Around 60 daily live performances from around the world will entertain visitors. Singers, performers, artists, speakers, and unique content creators in different pavilions will show their performances.

Tickets Dubai Expo 2020

Tickets will be available online and could be purchased at Expo 2020. There will be different options to buy passes.

One day pass

Adult (18-64) = AED 120

Youth (6-17) = AED 60

Student         =AED 60
Senior (+65) FREE

Child(5 and below)  FREE

Person of determination FREE *proof required  

Three days pass

Adult (18-64) = AED 260

Youth (6-17) = AED 130

Student         =AED 130
Senior (+65) FREE

Child (5 and below)  FREE

Person of determination FREE *proof required  

Monthly Pass (unlimited entries for 30 days)

Adult (18-64) = AED 350

Youth (6-17) = AED 175

Student         =AED 175
Senior (+65)             FREE

Child (5 and below) FREE

Person of determination FREE *proof required  

Season Pass ( for whole 6 months 173 days)

Adult (18-64) = AED 595

Youth (6-17) = AED 297

Student         =AED 297
Senior (+65)              FREE

Child (5 and below) FREE

Person of determination FREE *proof required  

Expo 2020 Timings

Week days: Sat to Wed: 10:00–01:00

Weekend:   Thu & Fri: 10:00–02:00

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Things to do in Saudi Arabia and new visa Policy

This article focuses on the new visa policy of Saudi Arabia. It has also summarized things to do in Jeddah, Riyad, Taif and Abha which are the most visited places in the country.

The powerful and biggest country of Middle East; Saudi Arabia is solely depends on oil-exporting and religious tourism. It produces around 12 million barrels of oil every day that is around 15% of the world’s consumption.

Recently, Crown Prince his highness Muhammad bin Salman has focused significantly on country’s tourism. He has planned to open several entertainment ventures for foreigners. He has also given relief in visa and has given visas on arrival to several countries.

In December 2013, Saudi Arabia started the facility of tourist visas, before that only business and religious visas were given and it does not focus on tourism.

Saudi Arabia visa Requirements for different countries

Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman & Uae and exempt and does not require any sort of visa. In September 2019, Saudi Arabia started giving visa on arrival or e-visa for the first time to 51 countries.

All European Union citizens Andorra Australia Brunei
Hong Kong Malaysia
South Korea Liechtenstein
Macau Monaco Montenegro New Zealand  
San Marino Singapore Switzerland Ukraine
United Kingdom United States  

Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others can avail Visa on arrival on these basis

1.If they have valid and multiple visa of UK, USA, or Schengen.

2.The passenger must have availed their valid multiple visa for atleast one time

3.There must be entry stamp on their passport

4.Applicant should carry international credit cards. One should carry atleast 2 as safety because they will not accept the visa on arrival fee by cash.

5.If all above requirements are filled visa on arrival could be availed on any airport of Saudi Arabia.

Things to do in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Although, Jeddah is not the capital city of Saudi Arabia but it is the most happening city.

1. Al Shallal Theme Park

Al Shallal theme park
AL Shallal theme park

It is the most visited theme park in Jeddah; there are boat rides, skating rinks, bowling, and other arcade game activities for children. Food stalls and two well-established restaurants are also present to satisfy hunger  Al Shallal is located on Cornish road near the sea.

2. Atallah Happy Land Park

Atallah Happy Land Park
Atallah Happy Land Park

This park has 6D adventures, and 100’s of other rides for children which includes ice skating and rock climbing. It is also the largest park in Jeddah.

3. Mersal Village

Jungle village jeddah
Mersal Village

It is a jungle theme park for adults and kids. The park is the most recent addition to the entertainment industry of Jeddah. It’s called jungle theme because there are live wild animal shows.

4. Movenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah

Movenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah
Movenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah

A five-star resort in Jeddah that will leave you stunned because, this resort will give you Maldives vibes. There are several indoor and outdoor activities for children and adults. Red seas facing villas with private pools are relaxing and good for a weekend gateway.

5. Silver Sands Beach,

A paid white sand and turquoise blue beach waits for visitors on the red sea. The beach has $40, entrance fees which include beach facilities. There are several water sports on the beach. A small café is also presented for snacks and drinks. The beach has facilities of a washroom, changing room, sunbath, and beach chairs.

6. King Fahad Fountain

It is also called the world’s highest fountain situated at Cornish.

7. Malls

Mall of Arabia and Red Sea Mall are must go for sovereign shopping. These malls have high brand shopping. There are cineplex and food courts with multiple international food chains.

Things to do in Riyadh (Capital city Saudi Arabia)

Riyadh is the capital and economic hub city of Saudi Arabia.

 1. Malls in Riyadh

Similarly to Dubai, there are various malls in Riyadh and each has its unique style. Al Nakheel mall is famous for its modern and classy ambiance. Kingdom Center Tower is famous for its sky-high views.  These malls are the most visited in Riyadh.

2. Al Bujairi Heritage Park

The park is traditional with old heritage. There are coffee shops and rides for children.

3. King Abdullah Park

The park is a place to see the dancing fountain. It has a good and relaxing environment. Families visit in the evening and stroll around.

4. Riyadh Zoo

Riyad zoo is a very old and good source of entertainment for kids.

5. Wadi Hanifa

It’s a deserted valley, in old Riyadh. Families visit for enjoyment and fun. The scenery in the valley is magnificent.

Things to do in Abha (Hill Station Saudi Arabia)

Abha is a hill station in Saudi Arabia it is 7,450 feet (2,270 meters) above sea level. Abha also witnesses snowfall in winters. Abha lake dam and chair lift is the main attraction of the city. Being a deserted and oil-producing country Abha is a good weekend break for Saudis.

Things to do in Taif (Saudi Arabia)

A City 100 kilometer from Makkah is 1800 meters above sea level. It is historical and significant. 3000 years ago Yemenis used the roads of Taif. It is cool and pleasant in summers and the Saudis visit for relaxation. There is a cable car service at Al-Kurr Water Park which takes to the top of Al Hada Mountain which has beautiful scenery of the valley. There are restaurants and hotels for visitors.

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Easiest way: How to get a US visa (detailed guide)

There are several articles on the internet like easiest ways to get a US visa. However this article will not make you daydream, but providing correct pathway to follow in order to get a US visa. A US visa is a dream of many people around the world. This article will help to get a visa if you are a true leisure or business traveler. The following are the important steps to follow before getting a US Visa.

A valid reason to travel US

This is the most important part of filling a form, as well as in your interview. The first question that arrives from visa officer is “Why you want to go to America”. Most of the people reply “it’s my dream”, “I like US”, etc. Keep in mind that they know everything about you and they have complete information about you. By the time you reach for an interview visa officer has taken 70% of his decision. So, do not lie anything and be straight forward. Leisure and business travelers could have the following valid reasons to travel.

1.Visiting friend or family

2.Particular cities you want to visit e.g. statue of liberty, Miami beaches, Orlando Disney Land and Universal studio, Anaheim Disney and Universal studio.

3.Any particular festival, event that you bought online ticket of. E.g. the burning man. 

4.If it is a business travel complete details of organization visiting.

5.It could be a business meeting but taking family together for leisure. 

Documentation for US Visa

Unlike Schengen countries, Australia, UK, and Canada the DS160 does not require piles of documentation. US consulate in your city has all the information about you, they have all access. SO, all the documents you are planning to take along you should be “TRUE” and in good faith.

While you select your interview you are just asked to bring all passports, DS-160 form, interview appointment page and nothing else. However, it is also mentioned that you can bring any documents to support your visa application. People take along car registration paper, house lease, bank statements, hotel bookings, and flight bookings. The writer has prepared several cases regarding US visa and most of the time those documents are irrelevant. 

We advise you to book hotels online with free cancelation, to ensure visa officer about your traveling dates and place. 

Traveling History

There are number applicants who get visa on their fresh passport; however, we do not advise to go with a fresh passport. If you are a leisure traveler your passport should show some colorful pages. You cannot wake up one fine morning and start traveling to the US without any travel history. A businessman could go for a meeting or any seminar but leisure traveler has so much to do before visiting US. So, it is advised to visit at least three countries before applying to US visa. Whether it’s, Schengen, Canada, UK, US, Australia or New Zealand travel history is the main source to get a visa.

Reapplying after Rejection

Most applicants get dishearten and lose hope because of not getting a visa. Things do not remain same always. The problem with visa officer is while rejecting your application they do not tell you the reason or if the tell the reason is vague. Self-assessment is necessary to though for the reason. No consular or expert can guide you why your application got rejected because they were not present at the time of the interview. Self-evaluation is the key to know the reason think and write all the points that may go negative in your case. 

It is important to correct all the necessary mistakes that you have done in your previous application and then apply again. Some desperate people apply soon after the rejection that leads to another rejection. This is somewhat now true that twice rejected means your application result will be the same for another 15 years. So, make sure to change as many things in your application.

Changes should be made before reapplying for US Visa

1.Change your current job maybe that does not show strong ties to come back to the country.

2.If you don’t have traveling history start traveling.

3.Maybe you don’t own a house and you are rented so first you need to own a house.

4.It’s possible that you didn’t mention your relatives and close friend in your application and they knew about it. 

5.Change your account statement maybe it does not reflect that you can afford a trip.

Do’s & don’t apply for US visa


1.Always tell truth

2.Tell about your friends and relatives in US, even if you are not visiting them.

3.The reason to travel should not be changed in application form and interview.

4.Upload your latest picture in DS-160 form

5.If applying with children, dates to travel should be in summer or winter vacations


1. Don’t lie about your job, residence, marital status, children, and intention to travel.

2.Questioning interviewer is not a good idea

3.Desperation could lead to rejection

4.Do not apply for the visa if your case is pending in immigration.

5.Do not apply for a visa if you faced rejection recently. You need to identify your error before reapply. 

6.Never like the post and share any negative comments about the US on social media. 

One thing after getting a visa one should keep in mind that the visa will not guarantee you to enter the United States of America; it will just allow you to leave your country and enter into US airports for immigration. In our next article, we will discuss why the US visa is not guaranteed to enter the country

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6 Most Effective Ways on how to Overcome Fear of Flying

overcome fear of flying

Fear of flying is for real, and there are thousands of passengers who travel with this phobia. A normal looking happy person waiting in the airport lobby will not be the same once the announcement is made to board the aircraft. As a result anxiety, panic and negative thoughts will capture their mind. Thousands of questions will pop-up and it could lead to major discomfort. All this can be easily told because the writer himself is the victim of flight fear. However, I have tried my best to overcome the fear of flying.

1. Research to overcome fear of flying

Days before your departure date, it is highly necessary to do extensive research about your airline and aircraft. It is very significant to understand that air transport is the safest mode of transportation. By researching you will come to know that you more probability to die in a car crash than an air crash.

Through the passage of time, our air transport has become the safest way to travel. There are around 100,000 commercial flights around the globe. Boeing and Airbus try each and every aircraft before delivering to any airline.

When the aircraft is ready they went through every possible weather condition artificially. When it clears the entire weather test it goes for other technical issues. Basically, they are more concerned because they have whole responsibility and they are accountable for any disaster.

2.Downloading Media

The most effective way to distract yourself is to listen to your favorite music and watch a movie or series because, when your favorite things are around you easily get comforted. It is highly advisable for a traveler to download loads of stuff on your laptop, cell phone, iPod, and tabs however, this way you will be able to entertain your mind and distract yourself from fear.

3.Think About Destination

Thinking about the destination will motivate traveling. If it’s a leisure journey think about the weather, mountains, beaches, shopping, food, and nightlife. Give yourself meditation by thinking about what will you be getting once you arrive at your destination.

4.Thinking of loved one to overcome fear of flying

If you are traveling to see your family, think about how happy you will be when you will arrive think about your loved ones waiting for you, and what if you will not take the flight it will not be possible for you to meet them.

5.Pilot & Crew Profession

After boarding the aircraft just look around you crew and pilot are one who travels daily and sometimes twice or thrice. Once you think about your life just think about how they work and how happy are they working in this field. There are millions of people around the world who have the dream of becoming a pilot, steward, or air hostess. Pilots are not just trained to fly, but they also have intensive training on the weather. They know what they are going to face while traveling. Just think that pilots love their lives too.


Most people got panic when the flight gets turbulence, however, turbulence is very normal and you will see no sign of stress or worry on the crew. Most of the time crew are on service when the aircraft face any turbulence. It is very important to know that the sky is no different than roads and sea. As our roads get speed breakers and bumps similarly seas get high and low tides, our sky is also the same. There are ups and downs in the sky also and aircraft are well aware and well capable of handling it.

Before departure when you are arriving on the airport just close your eyes in the car and feel that you are in the airline, you will feel bumps, ups, downs, steeps similarly when your flight is ready just close your eyes and think that it is a car and trust me you will feel no difference.

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How Coronavirus Affecting Tourism

Flight cancellation, visa restriction, and travel ban coronavirus have played havoc on global tourism. The world has never witnessed this kind of virus ever. Over 173 countries are affected by a coronavirus. Multiple airports have shut and the coronavirus is affecting global tourism. The Airline industry is facing losses and recessions. Cabin Crew is given suspended contracts and force resignations.

Since decades tourism contribution to the country’s economy is phenomenal. Almost every country in the world depends on tourism. However, the terror to stay inside affecting global tourism.

The Coronavirus affecting global tourism

The Coronavirus first recorded on 12 December 2019 in Wuhan the city of China. After that the cases started reporting from different parts of the country since then it hasn’t slowed down. There are around 231,362 cases of coronavirus around the world in more than 173 countries. The deadly corona has claimed around 11,187 lives which becomes a global health emergency in a short span of time. World health organization has also announced a health emergency in China. The SARS of 2003, was similar to Coronavirus, however, the impact was not as deadly as this.

Far East Asia mostly affected from coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, the tourism industry is facing a drastic decline around the world. China is already locking down its citizens and inbound traveling has almost ended. The coronavirus is not just affecting China’s tourism market but has also impact on other countries. After China, the most affected countries which faced a decline in tourists are from Far East Asia. The unofficial reports have claimed that 75% of leisure travelers have canceled their holidays to these countries. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & Singapore are mainly based on the tourism industry and people are canceling their visits. According to reports, the hotel rooms are now 40% less than regular rates.


Suvarnabhumi Airport was one of the busiest airports in the world however, it has no sign of life nowadays.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in coronavirus
Suvarnabhumi Airport due to coronavirus

30% of the total tourists in Thailand are from China. Thailand recorded the second-most cases of coronavirus after China. Bangkok is the traveling hub and Thai Airways has become the center point to travel most of the Far East Asian countries. Thailand itself has recorded a loss of $3.51 billion in the tourism industry till now. Not only international tourism Thailand has also faced a decrease in domestic tourism. Thailand has around 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus even then it has not imposed any ban on Chinese travelers, unlike its neighboring country.


Recently, a video went viral from Singapore showing how Universal Studios has become a ghost town. People have stop visiting tourist areas.

Singapore Changi Airport being vigilant started to deploy thermal cameras, and distributed hand sanitizer, masks, and vitamin C to travelers at the airport. The number of cases is still increasing even after the most effective measures. Tourism Economics report has warned that the travel industry will face high impact and economic loss in upcoming months. Although, anything couldn’t work and Singapore is without any tourists.


In accordance with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, it has also recorded a loss in tourism because of coronavirus. The loss is between $5.9 billion and $7.7 billion. The loss will continue.


Bali, Indonesia faces around 20,000 rooms booking cancellation. The country also has some cases of coronavirus and people stopped traveling.

USA and coronavirus affecting global tourism

The United States of America has canceled all airlines inbound and outbound. The CEO of American Airline said that the condition is worst than 9/11. When the twin towers were attacked the commercial airlines stopped, however soon after complete safety the operations started immediately. The US is in complete lockdown. Restaurants closed, theme parks shut, empty airport, the world has not witnessed anything like this before. There is an estimation of loss of $24 billion that the US tourism industry will face. The impact will carry on to 2021.

Newyork Times square
Times Square Empty #Coronavirus

The following is the case when coronavirus just affected China. In the year 2018, Chinese tourists have contributed $34.6 billion to the US economy. As China shuts down the US will have its impact till the next few years. American tourism mostly depends on the Chinese. Most of the airlines from the USA have suspended their flights to mainland China including Hong Kong. The USA is expecting a $10.3 billion loss for not hosting Chinese visitors. In 2018, approximately an average Chinese traveler spent $6,500. During the SARS period, the USA faced a 30% decline in Chinese visitors. The consequences will be worst if virus is not controlled. However, now the country cannot opt for local tourism.

Saudi Arab tourism affected by Coronavirus

The holy cities of Muslims around the world, Mecca and Madinah are empty as Saudi Arabia’s government ban all types of religious and tourism travels. The country is in complete lockdown and there is not a single tourist left. They had given the last 72 hours to the Iqama holders to come back to the country. Saudi Arabia has even banned domestic traveling. According to a cabin crew of Saudi Airlines, they are given forced vacations and suspended contracts to go back to their home country.

Holy Kaaba
Holy Kaaba

UAE affected by Coronavirus

UAE solely depends on tourism. seven-star hotels, uncountable water parks, the world’s best theme parks all are closed. The country, itself ban tourists and ask resident visa holders to be in quarantine for 14 days after coming back to the country. If one does not comply readily for the heavy fine. Although it is giving a huge loss to the country’s tourism, the world is looking forward to October 2020’s Expo. The government of the UAE has invested around trillion dollars for the infrastructure. If the situation could not get better, the UAE will face the losses it could never come out of.

Europe affected by coronavisa

After mainland China, the continent of Europe is the worst affected by a coronavirus. The whole continent is shut and there are more deaths recorded in Italy than China. Europe was fully operational when coronavirus started to spread in China. However, in no time the whole continent faced havoc created by Coronavirus. Europe’s death toll rises to more than 5000. It is an alarming situation.

European cities are full of Chinese tourists, corona makes those cities empty. It’s hard to find any direct tourist from China. The fear escalated when a Chinese tourist aged 80, was died due to coronavirus in hospital in Paris. Soon, the coronavirus spread in the whole Europe in no time.


Italy has the worst condition in the world. We have no idea when things will get better. It has most of the elderly population in Europe and they are vulnerable. Let’s not talk about tourists even residents could not come out of there homes. it has the most death cases of coronavirus in the world. Check Statistics

For the last two decades, as China’s economy surged the number of visitors significantly increased in Italy. As in 2018, Chinese travelers spent $277 all around the world which was $10 Billion in the year 2000. On January 21, Italian minister Dario Franceschini, and Chinese minister of culture and tourism, Luo Shugang launched a multifaceted program for increasing cultural exchange and tourism between both the countries. The program also aims to double direct flights between Italy and China. However, just after 10 days because of the deadly corona, Italy had to suspend all flights from China. The quarantine of the most populous nation is not affecting its own country but the whole world.


Barcelona, Spain, was about to host the world’s biggest trade exhibition of mobile communication on 24th February which has now canceled due to virus fear. Although Spanish authorities confidently ensure about precautions and arrangements against coronavirus, big giants like Intel, Facebook and Amazon canceled their presence.

City of spain with no tourist
City of Spain

UK affected by Coronavirus

According to the national tourism agency of Britain, the average spent time of Chinese tourists is 16 days on their single stay. Chinese spent most of the time in Britain. Munich, Germany and Hallstatt, Austria is also one of the famous tourist destinations of Chinese. Right now, the UK has also faced a dramatic lockdown of the century. There are number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK. People are scared. They are neither traveling inbound nor outbound. The Queen has also shifted to Wales palace for safety.


The Coronavirus is all around the world there are only few countries that are not affected maybe 6 or 7. However, these countries are equally vulnerable. The most effective way to fight coronavirus is self-quarantine. Make sure one does not travel and remain inside until the situation got better.

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Hotels Near Me (Booking Hotel)


“Hotels near me” Booking hotel is first thing that comes to mind when planning for vacations. Social media has played vital role in boosting  tourism industry. That’s the reason our society is now habitual of posting everything on social media. Dining out, partying, travelling, even going to religious rituals all are incomplete without posting it to a social media forum.

To explore and relax on vacation has become secondary object of travelling and to share and get likes on social media is primary. So, how can we just satisfy our primary object of travelling in limited budget.
When traveler arrives to a destination there are two things that one can enjoy.
1. Booking Hotel: environment and its amenities
2. Hotel near me: Sightseeing of the city

Category of Hotels Near Me

Whenever you decide to travel, the first night should be in a 5 star hotel or resort. The first night in the 5 star hotels should be enjoyed inside the hotel without exploring any outside sight seen. No malls, no street food, no excursions, and no shopping just dedicate this night in your 5 star rooms. Enjoy all the amenities e.g. gym, swimming pool, infinity pools, sauna bath, Jacuzzi, and other recreational activity from hotel. Click loads of snaps, make videos, create blogs and post all this on social media. This will satisfy your social media needs.

After enjoying and relaxing your night in 5 star hotels now it’s time to leave the hotel. The next step is to check in your budget hotel. Now it’s time for you to spend most of the time out in the city. Now its advisable for exploring and walking around, spending time in malls, eating street food, making full of your time in the city. When tired all day long just come to budgeted hotel to sleep.

It’s always wise booking a 5 star hotel rooms anywhere for the first night. Rest of your stay should be in budget hotel. However, it does not always work because there are many cities which does not have budgeted hotels so all you need is to take just one hotel at a time.

Types of Traveler in Booking Hotel

There are mostly two types of leisure travelers. Luxury travelers who want everything best and could not bear any sort of discomfort. Luxury travelers may get vacations anally or biannually. In these short stays they just want relaxation and comfort.
On the other hand are backpackers who like adventures and do not waste money in luxury.
Nomadic people in travelling are those who want to travel more and more but spend less. These people choose hostels and 1 star accommodations because travel is their passion and they want to do it whole year. These people are only committed to travelling and don’t care about any glitter. Their passion is just travelling.

The traveler must identify the need of travelling before booking the hotel. If the person is going on vacations after 2 to 3 years its highly advisable for them to go for at least 3 star hotel. It means that person is not a frequent traveler and it’s advisable to keep it comfortable rather making it hectic by booking a budgeted hotel.  If a person travels few times in a year, they should not waste money on hotels and make wise decision by booking budgeted.

For Hotel Booking visit :

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