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Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Usually, every street of Europe is largely deserted; every country including Denmark and Norway are in lockdown. However, Sweden that is just eight kilometers away is the only European country to refuse the lockdown. Swedish citizens are living a routine life. Restaurants, Bars, Salons, and even primary schools are operational regularly.

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of 192,248 people around the world. There are around 2,751,790 active cases as of 24th April 2020. However, with a population of 10 million, Sweden has refused to implement coronavirus lockdown. This article will focus on Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown.

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Approach: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Sweden has its own approach to deal with the global pandemic. Primary children are still attending schools. But high schools and universities are closed and are completely operational online. The health advisors have given voluntary precautions that every citizen has to follow to save from coronavirus. Elders are advised to isolate themselves. The government has restricted people to avoid gatherings of more than 50 peoples. However, all other usual activities in the country are unchanged. The country wants its peoples to enhance their immunity keeping their life relaxed. So, that people can go to their offices, students can attend schools and people can have their haircuts at the saloon.

Healthcare Agencies of Sweden

Sweden’s approach is whether lockdown or not, the virus is going to spread. The data shows that there are around 14.5% of cases that require hospitalization for 2 to 6 weeks. And 5% of cases require a ventilator. Sweden health care advisors want their citizens to take responsibility on their own. They also said that the death rate is high because it spread in the nursing home. Sweden also claimed that 50% of the household just had a single-person.

One of the principal given an interview with CNN said that “Government has seen other possibilities and school is a very important function in society. Sweden has limited restrictions on the movement of any neighboring countries. The public health agencies of Sweden suggest that quarantine will make more harm than good. They also suggested that new cases will dramatically decline if the public adopts safety measures of social distancing. The government has adopted a wait and see strategy towards coronavirus.  

Neighboring Countries:  Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

The cases of coronavirus in Sweden are much higher than its neighboring countries Denmark and Norway. The health agencies argued that Sweden is not densely populated and thus maintaining social distance is easier than any other country. The population density of the country is 25/km 2.  However, there are more than 2000 fatalities in the country due to Covid19.

Economy: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

Sweden has not seen any damage in the economy with no surprise; in contrast, its neighboring countries have two folds, down in personal spending and unemployment. With even such a relaxed strategy the country may see economical problems in coming future because voluntarily some businesses have shut down and people restrict themselves. The finance minister has warned that there would be a 10% shrink in the country’s GDP. Sweden’s GDP in 2018 was 556.1 Billion dollars. He also warned that unemployment will rise to 13.5% which was just 7.6% in 2018.

Global Criticism and accusation on Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

However, the Swedish Government is under high criticism for not doing enough restrictions against the pandemic. The global health advisors are accusing the country of its relaxed approach battling against the virus. There are many controversies in the global world against Sweden. The government officials said they are not seeing any strict regulations for Covid19 in the near future. The Government and people are undivided and fighting against the novel coronavirus. Hospitals in the country have not been inundated. However, hospitals are working on 80% capacity.

Well, the UK also tried to move forward and relax in lockdown like Sweden but in no time they had to take their decision back and enforced lockdown again.

Preparations: Sweden’s Strategy of Refusing Coronavirus Lockdown

The country’s preparations, on the other hand, are inevitable. They have already set up a hospital for any future emergency despite lockdown. The government is confident in its policies and looks towards the betterment of society. The health advisors have focused on the elderly population of the country and are ready to take measures against the virus.

Sweden has a completely different approach from other countries. The Government is not forcing its citizens to stay home. They believe that people should voluntarily make social distance and fight with this novel disease. According to the Swedish government Guideline, Regulations, and safety measures are the ways to fight with this pandemic. Lockdown, restrictions, and curfew will just give harm to society and nothing else.

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