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The Bag I Lost in Paris

Paris is one of the most visited destinations in the world. It’s famous for its romantic vibes around the city. It was our dream to visit Paris and take romantic photos in front of the Effiel Tower. However, we were quite unaware of safety precautions to take while traveling to this romantic city. The bag I lost in Paris is an interesting piece of writing along with major safety guidelines.

Our Hotel IBIS Porte de Bagnolet

Well, as we all know Paris is an extremely expensive destination. A fair star category property in Downtown, Champs Élysées, or anywhere near Eiffel Tower is the range between $180 to $250. However, there are some areas far away from tourist destination which are reasonable. My tour operator arranged a budget hotel IBIS Bagnolet Paris. It’s a fairly three-star category hotel with breakfast. The rent for a deluxe category room in under $100. Well, it’s important to know the hotel and neighborhood we stayed once you head towards the blog The bag I lost in Paris.

Neighborhood Porte de Bagnolet

Metro Station

Porte de Bagnolet is a far and isolated neighborhood for tourists in Paris. Usually, travelers are unaware of the area and surroundings. There are no tourist attractions nearby. However, the only favorable thing was the metro station and a small mall that had a big grocery area. The neighborhood had a metro station which is easily accessible. We went to Champs Élysées and Eiffel Tower by changing 3 metro lines.

“Beautiful Sunny Morning” when The Bag I Lost in Paris

It was a wonderful bright sunny day in Paris. We woke up early in the morning as we need to join our group for Disney Land. Going to Paris without visiting Disneyland is incomplete. It was indeed an exciting morning to wake up early to join a breakfast session.
The good thing about breakfast was to get complimentary drinking water.
I and my wife did breakfast and went to the lobby to wait for a tourist guy.

The Lobby where I Lost my Bag

The bag we lost in Paris, it all started when we were in the lobby waiting for the bus driver. We were ready to take the bus but suddenly the driver tells everyone that the tire is flat and he required an hour to fix it.
Well, there was nothing much to do in the hotel, and as previously described that there was nothing to do in the nearby area. As it was not a tourist area we were advised to stay inside.

Essential Items in the Bag I lost in Paris

As it was a whole day trip to Disney land my wife set up a small handbag having all essential items for a day trip. It includes
1. Power Bank
2. Mobile phone (with all memories)
3. My wife essential cosmetics lipgloss, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, sunscreen, blush, and eye shadow, sanitizer
4. My child’s phone
5. Souvenir keychain bought from Paris.
6. Wallet
7. SunGlasses
8. Some medicines

All these things were very important and dear to us luckily our cash wallet, passport, and other documents were not in the Bag.

The time when I actually lost bag in Paris

So, it all started when we were waiting for the driver to fix the Bus. In the meantime to save some Euros I tell my wife to stay in the lobby so I can fill some water from the breakfast area. Soon, my wife followed me and said I want an orange juice. She also told me that a group member is taking care of the bag.

When we came back my wife said where is the bag and she knew it that she already lost it. We tried to search the lobby but in vain. Soon we ask the reception which was just opposite the couch we were sitting to check the security camera.

The guy at the desk asks us to wait for 10 minutes. Soon he came and confirm that two strangers were in the lobby. They looked suspicious they stand there and as soon as we left the place they took the bag right in front of the people.

Condolences from Hotel Staff

It’s the whole sole responsibility of the guest to take care of their belonging as the hotel will not be responsible for any mishap or stolen items.

However, they seemed to be worried for us but also helpless. The staff and receptionist further told us that they are helpless and it becomes difficult for them to identified unwanted people. They further told that it has happened.

several times with our guests. At the starting of the blog, I told about hotels and neighborhoods. Hotels and neighborhoods like these are highly vulnerable to these criminal activities. As hotel staff failed to secure things even in the lobby. This is the worst case ever that happened to us while we traveled to any country.

Reporting Procedure and Legal Action

We asked the hotel staff if there anything we can do to find a lost bag in Paris? They said we first need to call the police. The police will come and investigate the matter we will provide them CCTV footage of the thieves. They will further investigate and find the criminals. If you will be lucky enough you will get your things back. However, which was near to impossible. It was our last day in Paris as we had to leave for the airport very next day.

Street Crime in Paris

Paris at Night

Paris is famous for its pickpocket and street crimes. Although, globally its a safe country but stealing bag, pickpocket, mugging, scams are some of the usual crimes.

The most common crime is pickpocketing mostly targeting tourists. The French Capital is famous for scamming tourists. The most common places are trains, metro stations, crowded streets, and popular tourist attractions.

While in restaurants, cafes, and night club it’s crucial to take care of your valuables. Once you get your attention diverted from valuables will be taken away in front of you.

Precautions and safety while traveling

When I lost my bag in Paris, I learned many things.
1. Tourist has to be vigilant even in hotels and their lobbies.
2. We must keep currency in different pockets and places.
3. Never keep ur passports in the bag or carry them unnecessarily.
4. Always keep a strict eye to your bags and valuables while in metros, train, or other tourist destination.
5. Do not keep out your camera everywhere as it attracts pickpockets.

6. Pickpockets are professional and trained so always be vigilant
7. Avoid visiting and roaming around the city late at night.
8. Beware of Night Club Scams
9. Limit your credit cards