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How Travel will Change after Covid-19

Traveling around the world would never be the same as it used to be because travel will change after covid-19. Although there is an ease in lock-down throughout the world, still the intimidation of coronavirus hasn’t disappeared. The surge in infected people has significantly increased around the world. The economies have already been devastated and mankind has suffered a lot during covid-19. However, the question still rises among people that How travel will change after Covid-19. Tourism and traveling have always been the backbone of economies around the world.

Traveling in Covid-19

Experts around the world do not see tourists and travelers any time soon. However, many countries are planning to start their tourism industry to support their economy. Countries that are solely dependent upon tourism have faced an expedition in unemployment and they can’t wait to resume their tourism. For now, people who are stuck in other countries are traveling to their loved ones or home.

There are special international flights around the world that are accommodating travelers to reach their home countries or countries of temporary residence. However, there are travelers and tourists who are waiting for ease of travel restrictions. According to experts and WHO, covid-19 will remain around the world for upcoming years. The only way to avoid covid-19 is to follow the safety steps given by WHO. If passengers will wear masks properly there would be fewer chances of spreading the virus. Covid-19 has adversely impacted on global tourism.

Thermal Check at Airport

Covid19 Testing and Vaccination as Visa requirement

There is already a number of documents green passport holders have to submit as a visa requirement. Currently, there are many countries that require a polio vaccination certificate as a travel visa requirement. There would be an additional travel requirement of Covid-19 testing. An additional requirement of vaccination cards will also be required once the vaccination of covid-19 will be available around the world.

Covid-19 Testing

Preparing & Packing luggage: How Travel Will Change in Covid19

Face masks, sanitizer, hand gloves, wipes, disinfectant are some of the must things one must carry when traveling in Covid-19. Hygiene and sanitization stuff will become most prioritized while packing for traveling. Even after the pandemic, people will follow the sanitization process while traveling. Due to the environment of an aircraft, passengers are more vulnerable and prone to different viruses. According to research, colds are 113 times more expected to be spread on an aircraft.

Accordingly to the research in 2018, passengers are habitual of leaving their setas—usually to use the toilet or take things from the overhead cabin—during flights. Respiratory viruses like covid-19 are spread in the air in tiny, dry particles known as aerosols. These particles can easily survive in an aircraft.

Airport Experience: How Travel Will Change After Covid19

Most of us are well aware of how much human interaction is required at the airport before you start your journey. Spending time at an airport will never be the same as before. Starting from entering, the security staff will check the body temperature. Before covid-19 our passports and tickets were the most initial things that used to be checked while entering an airport. After checking body temperature the immigration queue will be much more than before because of social distancing. The lobby will have seats but you will not be allowed to sit close to each other. One seat will remain empty after another. Using restrooms at the airport will never be as relaxing as before. According to research, in New York, covid-19 spread through public restrooms. Passengers have to be vigilant while taken any step.

Airport Lobby

Airline rules and regulation changed after Covid-19

After the call for boarding the passengers would not mingle to get into the aircraft. Passengers will wait for their turns to avoid the crowd. You may not see the smiling faces of the crew because of their face covered by the masks and shields. You will also miss the well-groomed personalities wearing uniforms because they will be wearing PPE (personal protection equipment). Nothing will be the same as it was before covid-19. You will have to be cautious before touching anything in the aircraft due to the infection. Passengers should use their own sanitization to avoid contacting with covid-19. Passengers have to wear masks throughout their journey since they left their homes.

Disinfecting plane Picture Courtesy: Emirates Airline

The journey will not be as pleasant as it used to be before covid-19. After boarding the plane, the crew will offer a complimentary hygiene pack which will have masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and other safety stuff that would be required in your journey.

Landing on destination: How Travel Will Change After Covid-19

While landing to the destination after so much trouble, passengers will be checked again for their body temperatures. They will not be allowed to enter free if they have temperatures anywhere near 100oF.

It would become a highly debatable subject in the near future. Since my traveling, I have witnessed that due to tiredness and fatigue of long-haul flight passengers feel a bit rise in body temperature that is usually gone within a day.


Sometimes a single dose of paracetamol works miraculously.
However, in the current scenario if passenger temperature rises anywhere around 100F he/she would be in problem. The passenger will face isolation and he/she has to go for covid-19 testing for clearance. Many countries have the rule to quarantine for 14 days once you land.

Hotel Check-in: How Traveling will change after Covid-19

Covid-19 has mostly affected the tourism industry. Ease in lockdown has allowed many businesses to resume. However, the tourism industry is and will be the last one to bring into consideration.

While guests will check-in the hotel staff will ensure the rooms remain perfectly cleaned and disinfected. The priority of the hotel staff was the hospitality of guests, cozy rooms, classic interior, scrumptious food, pools, and other amenities. However, now the main focus of both hotel management and guest is hygiene and safety standards to avoid contacting covid-19. Most probably hotel management will provide a hygiene and safety pack for its guest.

Conclusion on how traveling will change after Covid-19

Now the question arises whether our travel enthusiasts are ready to go through this rigorous process to reach their destination?
Traveling was more about enjoying, relaxing, and peace from rambunctious and miserable working life. However, it seems like for the sake of tourism it is difficult to go through all this risky process.

Deserted Airport due to Covid-19

For now, the flights are uncertain with lots of cancellations and reschedules. Travelers are postponing their trips due to much trouble. We hope to see when this situation will get normal and tourists will start traveling.
Kindly comment below to tell when you will start traveling or if you have recently traveled what was your experience.

World Meter Covid-19

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Gharial Camp: A hidden winter wonderland in Pakistan

Pakistan has become world’s third potential adventure country in the year 2020. Gharial Camp in Pakistan is a hidden winter wonderland and a relaxing, chilly in summers. The hill station is around 65 km from capital city Islamabad and 6.8 km from Murree. The hill station is safe and secure at an elevation of 6,712 ft. The area is under army protection and most of the resorts are of army personnel. Tourist in Gharial Camp Pakistan feels safe and enjoys their trip away from the overcrowded Murree. Gharial Camp in Pakistan is mostly visited in summers or winter vacations.

Roads and Infrastructure of Gharial Camp

Gharial Camp is well built area with excellent road conditions. The area is easily accessible from Islamabad airport. It would take around 1.5 hour to reach destination from Islamabad airport. Even in extreme weather conditions one can easily reach to the destination. However, you can find some road blockage in heavy snowfall. But government has provided heavy machinery to remove snow from the road. There are several precautions made for visitors. They take all possible measures to clear road in snow and rain.

Gharial Camp
Main Khaqan Abbasi Road- Gharial Camp

Resorts in Gharial Camp

Gharial Camp has only 3 and 4-star resorts. The area has all new property with complete facilities. There are various resorts in the vicinity. All resorts have Mountain View. The resorts are situated near the road so commuting from the area is easy. The resorts are built on beautiful landscapes.

Resort in gharial camp
Resort in Gharial Camp

These resorts are family oriented and provide all facilities to their guests. All these resorts are situated in area of 1km via Khaqan Abbasi Road. This road is connected to Murree road so that visitors have access to other neighborhoods. There are other mountain areas of Pakistan. However, due to17 lack of infrastructure people cannot visit them. Due to heavy snowfall northern areas are difficult to access. But Gharial Camp have complete infrastructure in summers as well as winters. The government and army have provided every possible facility to this area.

Playground in a resort

The resorts are equipped with centralized heating for guests visiting in winter. Each washroom has electronic warm equipment for hot water. The resorts are equipped with generators in case of power breakout.

Resort at Khaqan Abbasi Road Gharial Camp

Names and Contacts of Resorts

Following are the few finest resorts of Gharial camp that can be booked for your vacation.

1. Punjab huts resorts (+92 51 3752177)

2. Lipa Huts (+92 322 2760234)

3. Chinar Huts (+92 51 3752135)

4. FWO staging post resort (+92 51 3411084)

5. The Grand Gharial (+92 312 9997307)

Punjab Huts
Punjab Huts Resorts, Gharial Camp-Khaqan Abbasi rd.

Price per night at Gharial Camp

Although, the price factor fluctuate on season and off season but the average rate of resorts in this area are Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,000. Most of these resorts offer a good complimentary breakfast to their guests. This is a nominal charge for any 3 star to 4 star resorts. To book the resort contact on given numbers as mostly resorts are not available online. Most of the resorts ask guests to pay 50% of their price before coming to the booking date. There are several ways of transferring money within Pakistan. The on-season is June, July & August and December & January. You are advised to ask everything regarding facilities by calling above given numbers.

How to pay

1. Bank deposit, most of the resort owners share their bank details with the guest on phone and ask them to deposit amount in their bank and share deposit slip via whatsapp or email.

2. Electronic funds transfer, the other way for sending amount in through web application of your mobile banking.

3. Easy paisa, Jazz cash and other ways of transferring.

Gharial camp hidden wonderland of Pakistan
Gharial Camp

Facilities at Gharial Camp

The resorts are operated under army administration. The environment is clean and better than most of the places nearby. The facilities in the area are incredible. Road conditions are finest are does not require SUV or 4×4 to reach area. There are number of newly build resorts that wait to welcome their guests. This area has been hidden and do not have much number of tourists. However, because of social media the place is getting popular.

There are rental car options at resorts and visitors can hire a car with driver at a minimum rate. The area is beautifully designed and gives vibes of Europe especially in winters. There are restaurants in Gharial camp. Each resort has their own restaurant and chefs with reasonable menu and food.  Most of the people go to Murree for dinner and then come back to their resort.

Chinar Huts- Gharial Camp- Khaqan Abbasi Rd.

Weather of Gharial Camp

From November to March the winter is extreme in the area. There are high chances of snowfall in the month of Dec & Jan. Pakistan has a winter wonderland and one has not to travel to Europe to witness snowfall. From April to October the weather is moderate. However, in summers it’s a wonderful escape. The following temperatures are on average base; however there is always error of +2/-2 in these temperatures..

6° / -3°
6° / -1°
12° / 4°
16° / 8°
29° / 18°
30° / 19°
31° / 20°
30° / 20°
29° / 19°
20° / 11°
13° / 4°
9° / 0°

Nearby Attractions in Gharial Camp

There are various places nearby if you stay at Gharial Camp. There are several cars and drivers in the area which take you for an excursion. One must enjoy every sight and see in the area. The area also has a hiking facility. There are many tourist spots near this area.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is the most beautiful and scenic hill station in the Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has high lush green mountains. It is 38km and 1hr&25mins drive from Gharial Camp. It’s 7,906 ft above sea level.


Ayubia is 1 hr and 26km away from Gharial Camp. The Ayubia hill station also falls in the Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The area is 8000 feet above sea level. Visitors can witness all around the snow in winters. It is also famous for the chairlift. People do not stay there in winter as the temperature can be -10 degrees.


Murree is the nearest and most crowded hill station. It is easily accessible to people. There are several hotels from no star to 3-star. People enjoy roadside food and shopping here. However, most people say that due to heavy commercial activity the town has lost its peace and beauty. It is just 18mins away from Gharial Camp.


Bhurban is 9 km from Murree and famous for its five-star hotel. Pearl continental hotel is a chain of five-star ventures that has set up a beautiful architecture hotel for tourists. However, it is one of the most expensive hotels in the northern area of Pakistan.


This hill station is built many years after the Murree. However, due to its closeness of the vicinity, it’s called New Murree. It is 7,500 feet above sea level. It is also famous for its chair lift attraction. The chair lift takes to the highest level of the hill. People enjoy densely forest including monkey, leopards, and other fascinating birds. Patriata is 33mins and 15.3km from Gharial camp.

Khaira Gali

It is the most beautiful town in Galyat. The hill station is 7,700 feet above sea level. However, the area is remote from Gharial Camp. The town is linked to Abbottabad 71 km road from Nathia Gali. The town is remote and could be cut off during extreme snowfall.

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The Top 10 Safest Countries to Travel in 2020

A travel insurance company Insurly in France has issued a list of the top 10 safest countries to travel in 2020. The main purpose of going on holiday is to relax and enjoy it.

The foremost thing that a traveler identifies before traveling is the safety of the country. Transportation, occurrence of natural disasters, street crimes, healthcare system are mechanism worked behind ranking country in safety index by Insurly. Terrorism, human trafficking, and drug mafia are some other factors that also rank the country’s safety.

1. Switzerland ranked 1st in Top 10 safest countries to travel in 2020

Switzerland is identified as the safest and peaceful country in the world. There are fewer incidents of traffic and street crime as compared to any country in the world. However, Switzerland is also one of the most expensive countries in the world. It’s a paradise on earth. The country score 93.4 out of 100 according to the stats revealed.

2. Singapore

The small island country of Far East Asia has ranked second in the traveling safety index with a score of 92.7. It also scored top in passport ranking. There are numerous activities for travelers in this small country. Travelers can easily walk on the streets without pickpocket or any street crime.

3. Norway

The Scandinavian countries are always on the priority list when it comes to safety index. However, Norway toped in Nordic countries. It scored 91.1 and stands at third position. Traveler can enjoy aurora bolis without any safety issues. The country’s health care is best among all listed countries.

4. Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a small country in Europe manages to stand at 4th position in the global safest traveling country. However, there always must be safety precautions when roaming on the streets and traveling in public transport.

5. Cyprus

Cyprus is not competitive in tourism as compared to Schengen countries, but the country ranked at 5th position. Their country has tried to provide safety for its travelers which may lead to more tourism in the country. However, the country is the safest in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

6. Iceland

The country has a sparse population of 364,260. The country is the safest in the world and has not recorded a single crime. However, it stands at 6th position because of extreme weather conditions, and unavailability of healthcare. The traveler should keep in mind that there could be a stern driving condition.

7. Denmark

Another Scandinavian marked its position at 7th in the travel safety index. The country has almost no risk of natural catastrophes. However, the crimes are thin and could be easily avoided if common sense is used.

8. Portugal

A country famous for its street food, seaside, and Cristiano Ronaldo is ranked 8th is travel safety index. The country has never faced any terrorism; however, petty crime is a little problem in the country. It is the safest country in Western Europe.

9. Finland

The home Santa Clause, manage to stand at 9th position is the travel safety index. The citizens of Finland have the highest trust in their police than any other European nation. It has a low crime rate, however, being vigilant is always advised to travelers.

10. Japan

Japan is the only country that stands in the top 10 safest countries to travel after Singapore.  It stands at 10th position due to extreme natural disasters in the country. The country had experienced Tsunami, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions.

The countries which are not in the top 10 safest countries to travel in the world

The UK is famous among travelers but it could not make its place in the top 10 and stands at 29. Spain ranked at no. 13, however, Australia and France stand at 31 and 32 respectively. Italy famous for pickpocketing and burglar crime came at 36. The USA was far from all these and came to 44th place.

It is always important for a traveler to be vigilant. Most of the crimes could be avoided if we use common sense and take care of our belongings. However, the travel safety index will be considerably changed after the novel coronavirus affecting global tourism. Related Article

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How Coronavirus Affecting Global Tourism

the top ten safest countries to travel in 2020 Top 10 safest countries to travel

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Emerging tourism of Azerbaijan and it’s attractions

The reason of emerging tourism of Azerbaijan is that in 2016, the culture and tourism department of Azerbaijan introduces e-visa for tourists. The country got famous among tourists around the world soon after the decision. It was not easy to visit the country before the new visa policy. The writer himself  twice visited the country.

Azerbaijan lies between Asia and Europe hence it is enriched with both the cultures. The country has a strong history, archaeologists has found some signs and sights which take backs it’s history to human inception. The country’s capital and largest city Baku is on the Caspian Sea. The northern area of the country lies in Caucasus mountain region. The country is super clean, developed and resides a warm welcoming nation.

Baku capital city of Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan and the most visited city by tourists. It is situated on the Caspian Sea and has some good beaches. The city is famous for its building and architecture. Azerbaijani food is delicious and has no comparison with any other country in the region. Baku has all the vibes of Paris, the architecture of its buildings, style of roads and streets all are similar to Paris.

Emerging tourism in Baku (Azerbaijan)

Things to do

There are numerous places and activities to do in Baku. However, 5 to 6 nights are more than enough to explore the whole city.

Nizami Street

However, the area is referred to as the street, but it is a huge commercial and residential area. Most tourists stay at Nizami Street, as it’s the most happening area of the city. There are several hotels from 1 star to 5 star, numerous restaurants, and entertainment. Restaurants include international fast-food chains and traditional food outlets. One should not miss Taksim Kebab when visiting Baku’s Nizami Street. The fountain square is famous at Nizami Street and most of the tourist attractions are nearby. There are nigh clubs, hookah bars, a variety of shops, restaurants, and malls. The area closes at 3.00 am and hustle-bustle starts in the morning. This area has everything to offer that a tourist wants.

Nizami Street
The Nizami Street Baku

Old City Baku (İçərişəhər)

It is recognized as the world’s heritage site by UNESCO; the area is walled and excellently preserved. There are hotels, shops, and restaurants. There are some cultures and traditional Azerbaijani clothing, jewelry, lamps, and carpet shops in the old city that should not be missed by any tourists. Souvenirs are also for sale in the old city area. The old city area can be accessible by a walk through Nizami Street. There are traditional honey shops that are registered and recognized. The area looks like old towns in Europe.

old city baku  emerging tourism Azerbaijan
Old City Baku

Baku Boulevard

Baku Boulevard is a Cornish area at the Caspian Sea. There is a lush green garden having small cafes where one can sit and relax the seashore. Baku Boulevard has Baku eye, the Ferris wheel from which you can enjoy whole scenery. The area also has a mini Venice where you can enjoy a gondola ride. Baku boulevard mall is also at some distance. There are several rides for children. It is a must-visit area in Baku. 3 million tourists visit Azerbaijan in 2019.

Baku Boulevard
Baku Boulevard

Upland Park

This park has lots of stairs; it is difficult for elderly people to reach. However, once you reach you will find a beautiful aerial view of the city Baku.

upland dagastu park emerging tourism Azerbaijan
Aerial view of Baku from upland park

Malls in Baku

There are some malls in Baku, the most famous ones visited by tourists are Ganjlik Mall and Metro Park Mall both have local brands, food court, and play area for children.

Ateshgah (temple of fire)

A short distance from Baku has a mysterious place Ateshgah burning temple which was a religious place for Zoroaster. There are burning mountains that keep on burning. It’s now a tourist spot.

Heydar Aliyev Center

The beautiful piece of architectural building Heydar Aliyev Center was designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid. It’s a museum and historical center on Azerbaijan. The area also consists of I Love Baku sign which is also famous among tourists.

 Heydar Aliyev Center I love Baku emerging tourism Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Center I love Baku

Emerging tourism Shahdag (Azerbaijan)

Shahdag is 183 km (114 mi) from Baku. It is a beautiful hill station and has a winter wonderland ski resort. Mostly visited in winters for ski, tourists can also experience snowfall. There are two five star hotels which welcome their guest. Hotels are economical as compare to Europe. The hill station has all the facilities and could accommodate luxury and leisure travelers. On the way to Shahdag there is a city of Quba which is also beautiful. Tourists can take a small tour while passing by because the city is from the 11th century and the name was also given by European geographers. The city has five-star hotel named Quba Palace Hotel.

Shahdag Ski REsort emerging tourism Azerbaijan
Shahdag Ski Resort

Emerging Tourism Gabala (Qabala)

Another hill station in Azerbaijan mostly visited after Baku. It is 216km (134mi) from Baku. It has the most beautiful lake Nohur. Tourist also visits seven beauty waterfall which is near Nohur Lake. Gabala has Tufandag ski resort and chair lift. The city also experiences snowfall in winter and turns into a winter wonderland. There is a small city of Shamakhi on the way to Gabala. It is rich in culture and history and also has a beautiful resort Shamakhi palace shardil.

A Resort in Gabala
A Resort in Gabala

Emerging tourism Sheki

Sheki is not a much-visited city by tourists however it has a beautiful old palace with indigenous glass art, it was a route between Asia and Europe. UNESCO has recognized it as a world heritage site. It is an exceptional place for a peaceful evening with locally made backlawa. It is the most picturesque towns in the country.

Sheki emerging tourism Azerbaijan
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6 Most Effective Ways on how to Overcome Fear of Flying

overcome fear of flying

Fear of flying is for real, and there are thousands of passengers who travel with this phobia. A normal looking happy person waiting in the airport lobby will not be the same once the announcement is made to board the aircraft. As a result anxiety, panic and negative thoughts will capture their mind. Thousands of questions will pop-up and it could lead to major discomfort. All this can be easily told because the writer himself is the victim of flight fear. However, I have tried my best to overcome the fear of flying.

1. Research to overcome fear of flying

Days before your departure date, it is highly necessary to do extensive research about your airline and aircraft. It is very significant to understand that air transport is the safest mode of transportation. By researching you will come to know that you more probability to die in a car crash than an air crash.

Through the passage of time, our air transport has become the safest way to travel. There are around 100,000 commercial flights around the globe. Boeing and Airbus try each and every aircraft before delivering to any airline.

When the aircraft is ready they went through every possible weather condition artificially. When it clears the entire weather test it goes for other technical issues. Basically, they are more concerned because they have whole responsibility and they are accountable for any disaster.

2.Downloading Media

The most effective way to distract yourself is to listen to your favorite music and watch a movie or series because, when your favorite things are around you easily get comforted. It is highly advisable for a traveler to download loads of stuff on your laptop, cell phone, iPod, and tabs however, this way you will be able to entertain your mind and distract yourself from fear.

3.Think About Destination

Thinking about the destination will motivate traveling. If it’s a leisure journey think about the weather, mountains, beaches, shopping, food, and nightlife. Give yourself meditation by thinking about what will you be getting once you arrive at your destination.

4.Thinking of loved one to overcome fear of flying

If you are traveling to see your family, think about how happy you will be when you will arrive think about your loved ones waiting for you, and what if you will not take the flight it will not be possible for you to meet them.

5.Pilot & Crew Profession

After boarding the aircraft just look around you crew and pilot are one who travels daily and sometimes twice or thrice. Once you think about your life just think about how they work and how happy are they working in this field. There are millions of people around the world who have the dream of becoming a pilot, steward, or air hostess. Pilots are not just trained to fly, but they also have intensive training on the weather. They know what they are going to face while traveling. Just think that pilots love their lives too.


Most people got panic when the flight gets turbulence, however, turbulence is very normal and you will see no sign of stress or worry on the crew. Most of the time crew are on service when the aircraft face any turbulence. It is very important to know that the sky is no different than roads and sea. As our roads get speed breakers and bumps similarly seas get high and low tides, our sky is also the same. There are ups and downs in the sky also and aircraft are well aware and well capable of handling it.

Before departure when you are arriving on the airport just close your eyes in the car and feel that you are in the airline, you will feel bumps, ups, downs, steeps similarly when your flight is ready just close your eyes and think that it is a car and trust me you will feel no difference.

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How Coronavirus Affecting Tourism

Flight cancellation, visa restriction, and travel ban coronavirus have played havoc on global tourism. The world has never witnessed this kind of virus ever. Over 173 countries are affected by a coronavirus. Multiple airports have shut and the coronavirus is affecting global tourism. The Airline industry is facing losses and recessions. Cabin Crew is given suspended contracts and force resignations.

Since decades tourism contribution to the country’s economy is phenomenal. Almost every country in the world depends on tourism. However, the terror to stay inside affecting global tourism.

The Coronavirus affecting global tourism

The Coronavirus first recorded on 12 December 2019 in Wuhan the city of China. After that the cases started reporting from different parts of the country since then it hasn’t slowed down. There are around 231,362 cases of coronavirus around the world in more than 173 countries. The deadly corona has claimed around 11,187 lives which becomes a global health emergency in a short span of time. World health organization has also announced a health emergency in China. The SARS of 2003, was similar to Coronavirus, however, the impact was not as deadly as this.

Far East Asia mostly affected from coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, the tourism industry is facing a drastic decline around the world. China is already locking down its citizens and inbound traveling has almost ended. The coronavirus is not just affecting China’s tourism market but has also impact on other countries. After China, the most affected countries which faced a decline in tourists are from Far East Asia. The unofficial reports have claimed that 75% of leisure travelers have canceled their holidays to these countries. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & Singapore are mainly based on the tourism industry and people are canceling their visits. According to reports, the hotel rooms are now 40% less than regular rates.


Suvarnabhumi Airport was one of the busiest airports in the world however, it has no sign of life nowadays.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in coronavirus
Suvarnabhumi Airport due to coronavirus

30% of the total tourists in Thailand are from China. Thailand recorded the second-most cases of coronavirus after China. Bangkok is the traveling hub and Thai Airways has become the center point to travel most of the Far East Asian countries. Thailand itself has recorded a loss of $3.51 billion in the tourism industry till now. Not only international tourism Thailand has also faced a decrease in domestic tourism. Thailand has around 33 confirmed cases of coronavirus even then it has not imposed any ban on Chinese travelers, unlike its neighboring country.


Recently, a video went viral from Singapore showing how Universal Studios has become a ghost town. People have stop visiting tourist areas.

Singapore Changi Airport being vigilant started to deploy thermal cameras, and distributed hand sanitizer, masks, and vitamin C to travelers at the airport. The number of cases is still increasing even after the most effective measures. Tourism Economics report has warned that the travel industry will face high impact and economic loss in upcoming months. Although, anything couldn’t work and Singapore is without any tourists.


In accordance with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, it has also recorded a loss in tourism because of coronavirus. The loss is between $5.9 billion and $7.7 billion. The loss will continue.


Bali, Indonesia faces around 20,000 rooms booking cancellation. The country also has some cases of coronavirus and people stopped traveling.

USA and coronavirus affecting global tourism

The United States of America has canceled all airlines inbound and outbound. The CEO of American Airline said that the condition is worst than 9/11. When the twin towers were attacked the commercial airlines stopped, however soon after complete safety the operations started immediately. The US is in complete lockdown. Restaurants closed, theme parks shut, empty airport, the world has not witnessed anything like this before. There is an estimation of loss of $24 billion that the US tourism industry will face. The impact will carry on to 2021.

Newyork Times square
Times Square Empty #Coronavirus

The following is the case when coronavirus just affected China. In the year 2018, Chinese tourists have contributed $34.6 billion to the US economy. As China shuts down the US will have its impact till the next few years. American tourism mostly depends on the Chinese. Most of the airlines from the USA have suspended their flights to mainland China including Hong Kong. The USA is expecting a $10.3 billion loss for not hosting Chinese visitors. In 2018, approximately an average Chinese traveler spent $6,500. During the SARS period, the USA faced a 30% decline in Chinese visitors. The consequences will be worst if virus is not controlled. However, now the country cannot opt for local tourism.

Saudi Arab tourism affected by Coronavirus

The holy cities of Muslims around the world, Mecca and Madinah are empty as Saudi Arabia’s government ban all types of religious and tourism travels. The country is in complete lockdown and there is not a single tourist left. They had given the last 72 hours to the Iqama holders to come back to the country. Saudi Arabia has even banned domestic traveling. According to a cabin crew of Saudi Airlines, they are given forced vacations and suspended contracts to go back to their home country.

Holy Kaaba
Holy Kaaba

UAE affected by Coronavirus

UAE solely depends on tourism. seven-star hotels, uncountable water parks, the world’s best theme parks all are closed. The country, itself ban tourists and ask resident visa holders to be in quarantine for 14 days after coming back to the country. If one does not comply readily for the heavy fine. Although it is giving a huge loss to the country’s tourism, the world is looking forward to October 2020’s Expo. The government of the UAE has invested around trillion dollars for the infrastructure. If the situation could not get better, the UAE will face the losses it could never come out of.

Europe affected by coronavisa

After mainland China, the continent of Europe is the worst affected by a coronavirus. The whole continent is shut and there are more deaths recorded in Italy than China. Europe was fully operational when coronavirus started to spread in China. However, in no time the whole continent faced havoc created by Coronavirus. Europe’s death toll rises to more than 5000. It is an alarming situation.

European cities are full of Chinese tourists, corona makes those cities empty. It’s hard to find any direct tourist from China. The fear escalated when a Chinese tourist aged 80, was died due to coronavirus in hospital in Paris. Soon, the coronavirus spread in the whole Europe in no time.


Italy has the worst condition in the world. We have no idea when things will get better. It has most of the elderly population in Europe and they are vulnerable. Let’s not talk about tourists even residents could not come out of there homes. it has the most death cases of coronavirus in the world. Check Statistics

For the last two decades, as China’s economy surged the number of visitors significantly increased in Italy. As in 2018, Chinese travelers spent $277 all around the world which was $10 Billion in the year 2000. On January 21, Italian minister Dario Franceschini, and Chinese minister of culture and tourism, Luo Shugang launched a multifaceted program for increasing cultural exchange and tourism between both the countries. The program also aims to double direct flights between Italy and China. However, just after 10 days because of the deadly corona, Italy had to suspend all flights from China. The quarantine of the most populous nation is not affecting its own country but the whole world.


Barcelona, Spain, was about to host the world’s biggest trade exhibition of mobile communication on 24th February which has now canceled due to virus fear. Although Spanish authorities confidently ensure about precautions and arrangements against coronavirus, big giants like Intel, Facebook and Amazon canceled their presence.

City of spain with no tourist
City of Spain

UK affected by Coronavirus

According to the national tourism agency of Britain, the average spent time of Chinese tourists is 16 days on their single stay. Chinese spent most of the time in Britain. Munich, Germany and Hallstatt, Austria is also one of the famous tourist destinations of Chinese. Right now, the UK has also faced a dramatic lockdown of the century. There are number of cases of Coronavirus in the UK. People are scared. They are neither traveling inbound nor outbound. The Queen has also shifted to Wales palace for safety.


The Coronavirus is all around the world there are only few countries that are not affected maybe 6 or 7. However, these countries are equally vulnerable. The most effective way to fight coronavirus is self-quarantine. Make sure one does not travel and remain inside until the situation got better.

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Hotels Near Me (Booking Hotel)


“Hotels near me” Booking hotel is first thing that comes to mind when planning for vacations. Social media has played vital role in boosting  tourism industry. That’s the reason our society is now habitual of posting everything on social media. Dining out, partying, travelling, even going to religious rituals all are incomplete without posting it to a social media forum.

To explore and relax on vacation has become secondary object of travelling and to share and get likes on social media is primary. So, how can we just satisfy our primary object of travelling in limited budget.
When traveler arrives to a destination there are two things that one can enjoy.
1. Booking Hotel: environment and its amenities
2. Hotel near me: Sightseeing of the city

Category of Hotels Near Me

Whenever you decide to travel, the first night should be in a 5 star hotel or resort. The first night in the 5 star hotels should be enjoyed inside the hotel without exploring any outside sight seen. No malls, no street food, no excursions, and no shopping just dedicate this night in your 5 star rooms. Enjoy all the amenities e.g. gym, swimming pool, infinity pools, sauna bath, Jacuzzi, and other recreational activity from hotel. Click loads of snaps, make videos, create blogs and post all this on social media. This will satisfy your social media needs.

After enjoying and relaxing your night in 5 star hotels now it’s time to leave the hotel. The next step is to check in your budget hotel. Now it’s time for you to spend most of the time out in the city. Now its advisable for exploring and walking around, spending time in malls, eating street food, making full of your time in the city. When tired all day long just come to budgeted hotel to sleep.

It’s always wise booking a 5 star hotel rooms anywhere for the first night. Rest of your stay should be in budget hotel. However, it does not always work because there are many cities which does not have budgeted hotels so all you need is to take just one hotel at a time.

Types of Traveler in Booking Hotel

There are mostly two types of leisure travelers. Luxury travelers who want everything best and could not bear any sort of discomfort. Luxury travelers may get vacations anally or biannually. In these short stays they just want relaxation and comfort.
On the other hand are backpackers who like adventures and do not waste money in luxury.
Nomadic people in travelling are those who want to travel more and more but spend less. These people choose hostels and 1 star accommodations because travel is their passion and they want to do it whole year. These people are only committed to travelling and don’t care about any glitter. Their passion is just travelling.

The traveler must identify the need of travelling before booking the hotel. If the person is going on vacations after 2 to 3 years its highly advisable for them to go for at least 3 star hotel. It means that person is not a frequent traveler and it’s advisable to keep it comfortable rather making it hectic by booking a budgeted hotel.  If a person travels few times in a year, they should not waste money on hotels and make wise decision by booking budgeted.

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