Why Office 365 Backup Is Necessary For Any Company

Veeam Backup For Microsoft Office 365 gives you access to the complete range of Microsoft Office applications including Microsoft Office Live Essentials, MS Outlook, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 includes features that help business users optimize the performance and storage of their office systems while migrating between on-demand and on-real time Office applications. This solution combines physical appliances with virtualization technology. The new Veeam software has been designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Windows servers and also has been integrated with corporate policies so you can create customized restore points and schedule restore times for data files.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 comes with powerful features that allow it to create a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use Office 365 recovery application that can be automatically scheduled. Veeam also offers a centralized repair and recovery management system that helps you manage the entire process from a centralized location. You can use this service even when you’re away from the office. Veeam helps you eliminate risks, streamline workflow, and improve productivity by making changes to a business’s data in real time.

Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) is an important part of any business’s data management system. But creating and keeping efficient and effective MES recovery plans can be a daunting task. Veeam’s Office 365 backup solution has been designed especially for Microsoft Exchange Server and is easy to use. It provides a comprehensive, centralized storage and recovery plan for your on-demand, online MES applications.

You can use Veeam for a number of reasons, whether you’re on-premise or off-premise. Veeam’s flexibility gives you access to not only your current data, but also historical data for testing and tracking. With Veeam’s on-demand and off-site storage options, you can access your Office 365 data anywhere you are: at home, at work, or even on the go. When you’re ready to make a recovery plan, simply schedule a recovery scan. The scanned data will be automatically backed up to our web-based storage, whether on-site in the cloud or on your on-site network.

As an enterprise solution, Veeam’s flexible and convenient reporting capabilities provide real-time reporting about your on-going recovery and maintenance needs. This data protection capability includes automatic scheduling, recurring scheduled scans, and data protection policies that are automatically enforced. You can also set up alerts and activities to send email or fax the moment new threats are found. Veeam also makes backing up and restoring data a simple process, using its granular permission control. This feature enables you to customize the rate of data backup over time, giving you greater control over how much sensitive data is actually backed up and maintained.

With Office 365, your company’s IT department is automatically taken care of, saving you time and money in the process. The in-built Exchange backup functionality in Office 365 allows you to create custom e-mail lists for recipients and tasks. Additionally, the Veeam Community Edition provides the most robust and comprehensive security measures available in the market, with both off-site and on-site authentication for Outlook Express accounts, among other features.

Whether you’re running a small business with just one employee, or a large corporation employing hundreds of employees, Office 365 backup is essential. To protect sensitive data, companies must have a plan in place to back it up. Veeam’s flexibility and real-time reporting capabilities, combined with the security and compliance features of Microsoft Office 365, make it a great choice for every type of business. Veeam Cloud Computing, once integrated with Microsoft Office, can provide your organization with an affordable, comprehensive and highly secure online storage and backup solution.

Businesses that have already invested in Microsoft Office solutions are already facing more threats than they can afford to absorb. A major weakness of on-premise software solutions is their inability to incorporate data protection and security measures designed to guard against hackers. While Office 365 offers all of the same security features that are found in the traditional version of Microsoft Office, it also provides the ability to take a comprehensive online backup of your data as soon as it is needed. No matter whether your company is large or small, you need to consider the future and prepare for it. Office 365 backup makes that possible and ensures that your company stays ahead of the curve.

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